City Manager evaluation; It’s a Wonderful Life; Calendar scams; Umpqua Crab ok; Hang It All

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Annual evaluation of City Manager set for tonight.

The Florence City Council will convene this afternoon at four o’clock for a private executive session at City Hall.

The reason, consider the annual evaluation of City Manager Erin Reynolds.   Her immediate predecessor, former interim manager Larry Patterson, will be on hand.  He has conducted a compensation analysis and will review his findings with elected officials.

At six, councilors will convene in open session.  They have several work items to handle, including a public discussion of that analysis and Reynold’s evaluation.

Councilors will also conduct a series of three separate public hearings, all related to the requested annexation of several properties along Highway 126 just east of the city limits.
Officials are also expected to finalize their portion of an agreement with Siuslaw School District to secure a school resource police officer beginning next fall; as well as award a contract for construction of the new Public Works Facility on Kingwood Street.

The Executive Session is at four… the public session six… both at City Hall.

It’s a Wonderful Life

George Bailey felt like he hadn’t made a difference in his life.  He was ready to end it all, but Clarence… an angel-in-training… helped him to see that he truly did make an impact.  Bailey’s neighbors also showed that when they stepped forward in Bailey’s hour of need.  It’s a Wonderful Life is a Christmas Classic and it’s been digitally restored.  Michael Falter with City Lights Cinemas and the Florence Kiwanis Club have teamed up for two showings of the movie later this week.

Michael Falter – “You know, this is the 70th anniversary of the film.  A couple of years ago they did a complete restoration for digital purposes so we have a DCP of that film that just looks fantastic.  So, it basically looks like it was shot yesterday.”

The Frank Capra-directed classic epitomizes one concept that Falter says rings true.

Michael Falter – “I often repeat Roger Ebert’s words that film is an empathy machine.  I really, truly believe that and I think It’s a Wonderful Life is one of those films that taps into some universal humanity that, you know, kind of reminds us of some of the good things of being somebody’s neighbor.”

 There will be two showings of It’s a Wonderful Life Thursday… the first at 12:30; the second at 6:30.  All proceeds go to benefit the Florence Kiwanis Club.

Be wary of calendar sales

Siuslaw School district officials are warning of a possible scam related to sports calendars.  Vonnie McClellan at the district office said they’ve been made aware of at least two cases this year of a person or group of people posing as agents of Siuslaw High School.  They approach businesses asking to renew their ad in sports programs or calendars.

McClellan said the school is “deeply appreciative” of the generous support of the community and she and others don’t want to see local business owners taken in by a scam.

If you’re approached by someone claiming to be a representative of Siuslaw schools, she suggests calling the high school at 541-997-3448 to verify the person making contact is indeed legitimate.

Umpqua crab ok; not so Siuslaw

It’s still not considered to be safe to eat crab taken from the Siuslaw River; levels of toxic domoic acid are still too high.  But, officials with the Oregon Departments of Agriculture and Fish & Wildlife say levels of the toxin have fallen in samples taken on the Umpqua and in Coos Bay.

Recreational Crabbing reopened for those two rivers over the weekend.  But, taking of Dungeness crab from the Umpqua River north to Cape Lookout on the north coast is still closed.  That closure includes the Siuslaw River, Alsea Bay, Yaquina Bay and Siletz Bay.

Commercial crabbers are able to harvest Dungeness from Cape Blanco on the south coast and into California.  Officials will do more testing of crab this week and hope to be able to open crabbing off the central coast in time for Christmas.

Hang It All winners

An artistic newcomer and a painter who took a 17-year break from her hobby won the two top prizes in last month’s “Hang It All” art show at Siuslaw Public Library.

Marsha Horner was named the “People’s Choice” for her depiction of “JoJo”.  Horner’s name may be familiar to some, she designed and painted one of the 20 Sea Lions that were part of the Dancing with Sea Lions promotion earlier this year.  Her entry into that, called “Wish You Were Here” was her first work since 1999.  Library patrons decided “JoJo” was their favorite and it will remain on display through the end of December.

Karen Skulley had been taking art classes this fall and decided to paint three chickadees November 1st.  That was the submission deadline for the November show at the Library and Skulley’s entry, entitled “Chickadees” was honored with the Bob Kutsch Award for Best in Show.