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Coast Radio News – New Year New Laws – Bridge Work Slowed Down – Two Florence Business Favorite Destinations


Several new laws in Oregon took effect over the weekend. One of those was a bill sponsored by Representative Wayne Krieger from Curry County.   State Senator Arnie Roblan said it gets very tough on poachers.

          202 – “That increase the penalty if you’re caught poaching. The first time, you lose your license, you can’t do those kinds of things.  The second time you lose any future time to get any license in the future.  And if there’s a third time in a ten year period you also can have all of the things you were using in doing that poaching, traps, guns, cars, boats, all of those can be confiscated.”

He said the bill reflects the values of many coastal and rural Oregonians.


When crews started working on applying an anti corrosion system to the surface of the historic Siuslaw River Bridge, they knew they would be making some surface repairs to the bridge supports. But, says Angela Sydel-Beers with the Oregon Department of Transportation, that work has been slowed down because of how the original construction crews in 1935 disposed of scrap metal.

          207 – “As those concrete sections of the bridge were made, bits of metal were tossed down in there. And, it didn’t seem to be a problem at the time, but now that we’re trying to build this protection system around the bridge that requires a flow of electricity, you can’t have metal in there, it breaks the flow.”

So workers have to sandblast and grind out any pieces that are too close to the surface, then patch the holes before moving on. Beers-Sydel said that’s slowed work on the north end of the bridge and means residents nearby will continue to hear the compressor and generators for a few more months.

          208 – “Best we can say right now is that we’re getting there and they’ve started that preparation to get that moved.”

When it is moved, hopefully in early spring, the equipment will be moved to the south end of the bridge where work will begin on that end of the span.


Two Florence businesses, The Old Town and River House Inns were measured and ranked by Oregon Business magazine.

Out of more than 9,000 travel destinations in the state, the magazine surveyed the top online consumer review sites to discover their “100 Best Fan Favorite Destinations in Oregon.”

A quick survey of the list shows that The River House Inn is number one, and The Old Town Inn is number two in Florence; ranked number four and five in Lane County behind the Cascades Raptor Center, Eugene’s Inn at the 5th and the Saturday Market. The inns placed at 51st and 73rd respectively in the top 100.

The survey was conducted from February 15 through September 15, 2016. Destinations were ranked based on a ratio of their four and five-star reviews. As of September 20, the River House Inn had just over 1000 reviews and the Old Town Inn had just over 1800 on TripAdvisor alone.

The River House Inn achieved TripAdvisor’s prestigious Certificate of Excellence “Hall of Fame” by earning a Certificate of Excellence for six consecutive years.