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ONA/Peace Health Negotiations; Benefit Concert; Rhody Run; Travel Ready?

Negotiations Moving Slowly, But Moving

According to Rick Yecny, CEO and Chief Mission Officer at Peace Health, progress is being made in the talks between Peace Health and the Oregon Nurses Association.  In a lengthy meeting this past Monday,  Yecny said that several articles were agreed upon and a couple more were removed from the negotiation as the two sides inch toward a resolution.  There are 41 proposals on the table, 37 of them are on the Nurses side.  Yecny said the process was slow but not due to either side dragging their feet, but rather due to the availability of the Mediator.  The mediators schedule is such that there is limited time to spend in Florence.   The next scheduled meeting is not until July 12th, but Yecny did say that email negotiations will likely continue and progress could still be made in the interim.


Benefit Concert for High School Music Program

A Concert to benefit the Siuslaw High School band program will be held this evening at the Florence event center.  It is a free concert and performed by the Platypus Clarinet Orchestra which features 30 players from Eugene and Corvallis.  Mike Curtis with the Eugene symphony says this will be a concert of diverse music featuring music from the Mediterranean.

“Music from Spain and Italy and France and Greece and it’s kind of a blend of orchestral music that’s from that area and folk music that’s from that area.”

This is a free concert that begins at 7:30 and Curtis says come early and you will also hear the high school jazz band in the lobby before the performance.  Again, there is no cost for this performance, but he reminds people that it is a fund-raiser.

“We will have a table out there that allows for people to give donations. It’ll be pretty clear that you know if people want to appreciate our concert and appreciate what is going with the program there at the local high school they can contribute.”

Proceeds will go to benefit  the high school music program.  The concert begins at 7:30 at the Florence Events Center.

Rhody Run Registration

The 110th annual Rhody days kicks off next week and one of the highlights is the annual Rhody Run featuring a 5k and 10k run around Florence on Saturday May 20th.  Organizers say that registrations have been steadily coming in but that they would like to see a boost in attendance.  They are also reminding people that early registration means a 5 dollar savings.  It’s a 20 dollar entry fee for the run but an additional 5 dollars will be added for those who wait until the day of the run.  Proceeds from the race go to Peace Harbor Medical Center Foundation’s Community Benefit/Health Fund which partners with community organizations to promote and administer health and wellness practices in the greater Florence and Mapleton areas.

Ready For That Road Trip?

Are you ready for your summer road trip?  According to AAA there is a good chance that a large percentage of you are not.  AAA expects to rescue 7 million drivers nationwide and more than 102,000 in Oregon this summer. And that number could soar higher as a new AAA survey reveals that 40 percent of drivers aren’t prepared for a breakdown.  Steve Fox, the Director of Automotive Services for AAA in Oregon and Idaho, says that overheating, blow outs and dead batteries are the most severe culprits of stranded motorists.  So it is very important to have your cooling system, tires, and battery checked out before heading out on the road this summer.  Fox says it is more than just an inconvenience when a breakdown occurs, it is also dangerous.  He recommends in addition to having your vehicle serviced also keep an emergency kit in your car and several gallons of water, extra snacks, a flash light and small tool kit.  One more thing, he says have an extra key to your vehicle that is accessible in case of a lockout.