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Roads Will Be Ready; Traffic Safety;Election Day; Oregon Snubbed

Paving to be Completed

With Rhody days just around the corner a few projects need to be completed and city manager Erin Reynolds say that all they ask is Patience.

“Patience with us on Rhododendron drive and kingwood streets as we complete that project this week.  Looks like the weather will cooperate and it should be all wrapped up for the Rhody 5k and 10k run Saturday.”

Reynolds adds that this week’s Wednesday City Council Work session will feature some special guests.

“We will be hosting a joint elected officials workshop between Lane County Commissioners, and the city of Florence City Council and the City Florence Urban Renewal Agency board members.”

 Reynolds says the meeting will focus in part on the Revision Florence Streetscape and highway 101/126 project with the hopes of allocating some county funds for the project.

Remember Traffic Safety

It’s Rhody week and that means thousands of visitors will be converging upon our Town and that means congestion and sometimes frustration.  Commander John Pitcher with the Florence Police department says if you are able there are ways to help the congestion.

“We encourage people, especially if they’re going to go to Bay Street, there’s not a lot of parking.  If you can walk it’d be great to walk.  If you need to drive make sure you lock your vehicles and secure your property.”

Pitcher also says there is the option of riding a bike.  And with more visitors there are more pedestrians, so be mindful of the crosswalks, especially on 101. And heed state law when approaching.  When the lights begin flashing:

“You have to give them the first lane and the second lane.  If they’re in the highway you have to give them their lane and both lanes on each side.”

He also said that if you are the pedestrian at a crosswalk, to make sure that vehicles are stopping.  He says just because you have the right of way do not assume that they will stop.

Sign Your Envelope!

Today is the final day to turn in your ballots.  You have until 8pm this evening to turn in your ballots at the Justice Center at 900 9th avenue.  Be sure to Complete your ballot and seal the envelope and do not forget to sign the envelope.  Your ballot cannot be cast without the signature on it.

Oregon Denied Federal Disaster Funds

It was a rough winter for most of Oregon, in fact Governor Brown declared 10 counties were affected by severe storms and requested disaster assistance from the Federal Government.  That request was denied according to a statement released yesterday by Senator Jeff Merkley. Saying he was “deeply disappointed” that the President refused to help Oregon and expressed concern as to how federal disaster response will be handled by the current administration.  According to Merkely’s statement Governor Brown plans to appeal the decision.  If she is successful it will provide 17.5 million in disaster relief, which is approximately half of the total costs incurred from this past winter.