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ATV Fatality Deadwood; Business Receives RAIN Grant; Rhody Results

Fatal ATV Crash

There was a fatal ATV crash yesterday.  Western Lane Ambulance District responded to a call at the Mapleton Fire Department.  Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue Chief Jim Langborg:

“Upon arrival they found a 26 year old female who had been transported by personal vehicle from the incident location to the fire station in critical condition from multi-system trauma.  She was transported to Peace Harbor hospital, again in critical condition, and was later pronounced dead.”

The name of the victim has not yet been released, nor the details regarding the accident itself.  The incident happened around 4:19 yesterday afternoon.  Coast Radio News will be following this story with updates as they become available.

RAIN Grant Recipient

Jesse Dolin, founder of Stoney river Sinkers was recently awarded $5000 from RAIN’s Coastal pre-Accelerator program.  Dolin, a passionate fisherman realized that the use of lead weights was not environmentally friendly and decided to change marketplace:

“I thought I would go after this idea of bringing back the initial fishing weights. Which was invented thousands of years ago made of stone.”

Dolin said he worked with a company to design his weights to look like the lead weights they would be sitting next to on the shelf.  He said he initially invested his own money but knew it would be tough to break into the open market.

“I realized that these sinkers were just going to sit on the shelf unless I established river cred.  And so I spent the first year, 2015, just focused on getting them in the hands of professional fishermen.”

It worked and he began to see results.  He says this money will help to continue his campaign to establish his business.         And he says the mentorship provided by RAIN has been great.