McKeown Talks Infrastructure; Lane County Sheriffs; Traffic Pattern

Infrastructure will require an increase in taxes.

Our roads, bridges, rail and marine infrastructure is growing old and is now in need of some serious attention according to State Representative Caddy McKeown.  One of the reasons that she has attributed to the lack of action is the lack of funds needed to do the upgrades and repairs.

“Cars get much better mileage than they used to so the gas tax doesn’t get stretched as far as it did and as cars continue to get more efficient and as we eventually transition to very high mileage vehicles, whether they’re hybrids or fully electric vehicles, it’s going to get more difficult to collect that revenue that we need.”

McKeown also said that there is a two pronged attack on our system and that is the aging infrastructure combined with the increase in congestion from the more than 1 million new residents snowballs costs for moving goods around the state.

“When Freight starts slowing down, because it can’t move through the metro area, whether you live in Florence, or Ontario, or Lake View, or Medford, or Portland, the economy starts to slow down as well.”

Mckeown says they hope to have the bill before the committee by May 31st and the time to act is now, otherwise, she says, it will be the next several generations that will suffer from out inaction.


Busy Weekend For Sheriff’s Department

The Rhododendron Weekend was a busy one for the Lane County Sheriff’s department.  With the increase of traffic in our town the sheriff’s department was kicking up enforcement along highway 126 from Eugene to Florence.  The increased patrols focused of safe driving and coincided with the national click it or ticket campaign.  24 seat belt violations were issued along with 17 speeding violations, a warrant arrest and a dui arrest.  Some of the other violations included suspended license, drugs, and even a stolen vehicle, with an additional 34 other miscellaneous moving violations.  The Lane County Sheriff’s office received a 24 thousand dollar grant to pay for the additional patrols.  Be assured, patrols will also be increased over the this Memorial Day weekend.

New Traffic Pattern

The city of Florence says to make sure to take notice of the new traffic patterns on Rhododendron drive between Hwy 101 and Hemlock Street.  There will be bicycle lanes east and west bound with parking on the north side of Rhododendron drive.  And with 2 – 6 foot bicycle lanes, two 11 foot passenger lanes, and a new sidewalk the city believes that it will be a much safer setup for all involved.  Posted speeds for Rhododendron will remain at 30 mph.