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Port Manager on Administrative Leave; School Board Addresses Petition; Construction Completed

Port Manager on Administrative Leave

The Port of Siuslaw called a special meeting to address allegations of unwanted advances of a sexual nature by Port Manager Steve Leskin.  The allegations come from the operators of a business which operates on port property.  Leskin has been put on paid administrative leave for the time being.  Comission Board member Ron Caputo told Coast Radio news that while it is under investigation there is little he can say regarding the move.

School Board to Address Petition

Next Wednesday, June 7th the Siuslaw School board meets for their public meeting and one of the items on the agenda is the recent petition going around asking the board to take a look at how policies are applied when it comes to student athletes.  Siuslaw School district Superintendent, Andy Grzeskowiak said there is a specific process in place for any such grievance.  Depending on what the issue is you are addressing:

“If you want to talk about the need to change policy,  that’s and easy address to the board.  If you want to talk about application of policy there is a complaint review and appeal process.”

Initially the petition caused quite a stir, but Grzeskowiak says he has spent some time following up with parents regarding the appeals process, and the next step will be the School board meeting.

“We have a policy review meeting every month.  Each month there is always a policy, for some reason, either state law or federal law changes, that we do policy revision on.”

The next meeting will be June 7th at 6 p.m. at the Siuslaw School District office, 211 Oak Street

Road Construction Completed

The roadway updates on Kingwood and Rhododendron drive are completed and the additional space is intended for improving traffic safety which includes other types of transportation as well.  City Manager Erin Reynolds:

“Our goal and as part of the transportation system plan is to increase bicycle safety and pedestrian safety.  So theres new sidewalks there and there is also the addition of bike lanes on both sides of the road.

Parking is also available on the north side of Rhododendron Drive.  There are Construction signs on the south side of the street to remind drivers there is no parking there.  They will remain until the city believes drivers have had the time to get used to the new pattern.

 Physical Schedule for Students

If you are a parent of a student at Siuslaw schools, or a student that is a self starter, next Wednesday, June 7th is the day for Sports physicals.  If your student is an incoming 5th, 7th, 9th, or 11th grader, it is recommended that they have a physical, which are free and administered by Peace Health, Peace Harbor Medical center.  Student must have a completed form with them when they get their physical.   These can be found by going to O-S-A-A DOT ORG and follow the links.   The form must be filled out in its entirety and signed by both the parent and the student.   Physical Schedules are:

5th graders – 8:15 / Mapleton Students – 8:45 / 6th graders – 9:15

7th graders – 9:30 / 8th graders – 9:45 / SHS Freshmen – 10:00 /

SHS Sophomores – 10:15 / SHS Juniors – 10:45 / Catch up and Make up session at 11:00

Link to Documents:  Physical Document