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RAIN Business; Siuslaw Publisher; Fire in Old Town

RAIN Focuses on Business

Matt Hollander is the Public Relations Coordinator with RAIN, the Regional Accelator and Innovation Network which helps entrepreneurs and businesses determine the viability of business ideas.

“We are taking companies that have an idea for a business and bringing them to the launch stage.  To see if that product, business, service has viability in the marketplace.”

Hollander says this is an important time to support businesses in order to provide the future of economic development and with the support of a 2 million dollar stipend from the state legislature and additional funding from additional grants and non-profit organizations they are able to help businesses or at least nurture business ideas for future growth.  He says they are always ready to hear new ideas and have ways for the community to learn more about what they do.

“We have a meet-up Group that’s a great place to get involved and find out what we’re doing in the Florence Community.”

More information can be found at

New Publisher-Familiar Face

The Siuslaw news officially has a new publisher.  It was announced this week that Jenna Bartlett is now in that role.  A role she says she has been fulfilling as General Manager for quite some time.

“Siuslaw News has been a large part of my life and my family’s life.  And I am very excited and honored to be publisher.”

Bartlett says she is looking forward to building on the foundation that has been established and also getting their new website involved in growing their readership.

Fire in Old Town

Around noon Yesterday afternoon the Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue along with Western Lane Ambulance, and Florence Police Department responded to a fire at the Old Towne mobile home park on 2nd Avenue at Harbor st. in Old Town.  Fire Marshall Sean Barrett said firefighters arriving on the scene witnessed the black smoke and entered the structure where they found the stove and cabinets above engulfed in flames.  Crews managed to quickly extinguish the fire before in completely engulfed the structure.  According to Barrett the cause seemed to be the oven during the cleaning cycle.  No one was home at the time of the blaze.  The Red Cross is helping the family of four with two small children.  Damage to the structure was moderate and estimated at about $4000.00