Howser Award; Heimlich Article; Super Regionals

Thompson Finalist for Howser Award

On the eve of the Super Regionals the NCAA has announced the four finalists for the 36th annual Dick Howser award.  And on the list is Oregon State’s Starting Pitcher Jake Thompson.  The award each year is decided on by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association.  The award focuses on the principles of Leadership, character, desire, and competitive spirit.

Heimlich Story released by Oregonian

The Oregonian/Oregonlive release a story yesterday involving the juvenile record of another starting Oregon State Pitcher, Luke Heimlich.  The article states that Heimlich failed to update his registration on the states sex offender list.  And then citing journalistic integrity revealed the entire history of the then 15 year old Heimlich.  Heimlich is also registered in his home state of Washington as a level 1 offender, which according to the states registration guidelines is “the lowest possible risk to the community and their likelihood to re-offend is considered minimal.”  Mark Katches, editor of the Oregonian, cited the victims suffering as the reason for disclosing the information.  Heimlich’s conviction had been adjudicated in 2012 and was already a matter of public record.  He had successfully fuifilled his sentence, which included counseling, a diversion program and sex offender treatment.  There have been no new allegations against Heimlich and the Oregonian has received online criticism for the timing of their story.

Super Regionals on KCFM

On a lighter note, the Beavers take the field this evening in Corvallis for their first Super Regional game against the Vanderbilt Commodores.  Jake Thompson is the starting pitcher and the pre game will be in KCFM beginning at 5:30.  First pitch is at 6:05.