Boston Red Sox

Thompson to the Red Sox

It took most of the morning before Pam and Jon Thompson knew the fate of their son Jake as they waited for the announcement from Major League Baseball.  The former Siuslaw High School pitcher was selected by the Boston Red Sox as the 131st pick overall in what seemed like a much deeper draw into the high school pool than was expected, but according to Jon Thompson it was a team that Jake was looking at as is happy with the selection.  Next up for Jake?  He immediately hit the road back for Corvallis to practice for this weekend’s College World Series.  The starting pitcher has not been named yet for Saturday’s game against Cal State Fullerton.  Coverage starts at 11:30 on KCFM.

Also this week Thompson was also named a finalist for the Gregg Olson

Duck Catcher Tim Susnara was selected in the 8th round by the Arizona Diamondbacks.