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Beaches Birthday; Bill Favors Undocumented Oregonians; Survey Says!

Oregon Beaches Celebrate 50th

Eugene will be celebrating the Oregon coast today as the state commemorates 50 years of the Oregon Beach Bill that designated all Oregon Beaches to be public beaches.  Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich said the bill had a lot to do with the current economic opportunities.  Along with the creation of the highway.

“It’s been an important part of Oregon History.  It was a highway at one point.  But when it was actually opened up to the public and highway 101 was constructed that started the tourism boom and the resort boom on the coast.”

It has remained in place for 50 years and even though it could be reversed through legislation, Bozievich said there would likely be citizen push back.  He says the bill has defined the state and the states tourism.

“The Beach bill has really made the Oregon coast a beautiful place to go and be.”

The bill did mean that there would be no tax revenue to support the many beaches and it has relied on fees and a foundation to provide operating money.

Lawmakers Tackle Immigration

As Oregon lawmakers enter their final days of the session, immigrants’ rights advocates are pushing state senators to pass a bill protecting the privacy of undocumented Oregonians. Governor Kate Brown and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum spearheaded House Bill 3464, to give guidelines to state entities on what information can and cannot be shared with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Opponents of the bill say it undermines federal law by shielding people who are undocumented. But Andrea Williams, who heads the immigrants’ advocacy group Causa, says the bill is compliant with federal and state laws.

“So, it’s not just about what information they are keeping private. It’s also about making sure that schools and courthouses, and other public entities aren’t held liable if they are keeping information they should be sharing, right? So, it’s really to provide clarity and direction”

H-B 3464 is currently in the state Senate. The legislative session ends on Monday, July 10th   Data from the Department of Homeland Security shows a 40-percent increase in arrests and deportations so far this year over last. Williams says arrests by ICE agents outside of courthouses and schools in Oregon are on the rise as well. She thinks it’s especially troubling that parents are being arrested, when the state doesn’t have the resources to take care of children when parents are deported

“It’s a moral issue, because you’re leaving most of whom are U.S.-citizen children without parents and without a support system, without a breadwinner.”

Williams says H-B 3464 makes the state more inclusive for all residents and keeps more people in the workforce, helping the economy. She also praises legislation passed this week that expands health coverage to Oregon’s 15-thousand undocumented children

Styrofoam Survey for Florence

The City of Florence is looking for feedback on the use of Styrofoam to-go containers.  Expanded polystyrene foam as it is known is not recyclable, and potentially harms wildlife.  The city says their primary motivation is curtailing the litter caused by the products.  The lakes, creeks and ocean beaches are areas where these items often end up.  The city has posted a 5 question survey which can be found by going to the city of Florence’s website  another short survey on the proposed Florence/Yachats Transportation Connector can be found there as well.  The city appreciates resident input when deciding issues that will impact them.  All responses are anonymous.