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Florence Coast Guard City; City Hall to Expand; Elipse Info

City to receive Coast Guard Honor

The United States Coast Guard is designating Florence as a Coast Guard City.  The Official word has not yet been announced, but Florence Mayor, Joe Henry, did say that they have received “a verbal commitment from the Admiral of the District.”  Mayor Henry says the honor comes after a long application process and a lot of hard work.   He was also quoted as saying  “According to the Admiral, our application package was one of the best that has been submitted and we feel fortunate to have been selected.”  There will be an official press release stating all of the details in the next couple of days.  The city is also planning a Coast Guard City Celebration August 16th at the Florence Event Center and sponsored by the Oregon Coast Military Museum.

Expansion Plans for City

The city council looked at plans for expanding and remodeling City Hall last night.  City Manager, Erin Reynolds,  says most of the plan will be a reimaging of the existing floor plan, but there is some room for expansion included in the remodeling plans.

“We’ll be looking at adding about a thousand square feet.”

The city is planning on moving out toward 101 to increase visibility of City Hall.

“Many of our visitors drive by City Hall because they’re not quite sure where it is.  It is not very well signed.

The plan includes adding more space for council offices and a more visitor friendly entry.  Reynolds says the current configuration of the building was established 50 years ago and that needs have changed requiring a new floor plan.

Eclipse Preparedness

Lincoln County has issued a detailed report on the upcoming eclipse.  The thorough pamphlet includes information on public safety, travel plans, visitor information and resident information.  Lincoln County hosts the direct path of the Total Solar Eclipse and is bracing for a influx of visitors from around the world.  Lincoln County officials are giving the same warnings that are occurring around the state in preparation for the added strain of services.  Get Groceries, gas, water, and cash at least a week ahead of the event and be cautious if you plan on attending any official eclipse events.  You will want to give yourself extra time traveling and if possible stay put until after traffic wanes from the event.  If you have errands or appointments scheduled around the eclipse they recommend you move them either prior to the 17th or after the 23rd.  Locally here in Florence we will see increased traffic along highway 101and the preparations should mimic those closer to the total eclipse area.