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Superintendent Review; Bridge Work Updates; Law Could Effect Lane County; It’s A Pickle

Grzeskowiak Review Published

Siuslaw School Superintendent, Andy Grzeskowiak received high marks for his annual evaluation by the school board.  On criteria based on 9 professional performance standards and 5 board goals, as well as a review from staff throughout the district, Grzeskowiak received an overall grade of 3.51 on a 4  point scale.  The board says that Grzeskowiak’s performance exceeded their expectations for a first year superintendent.  And he received a review of Accomplished in the areas of visionary leadership, policy and governance, effective management, curriculum planning and development, instructional leadership and resource management.  He was additionally commended on his ethical leadership and integrity.  In addition the board approved the wording on the Superintendent’s contract and it was signed by both parties.

Bridge Work May Get Noisy

Crews continue work on the south end of the Siuslaw Bridge. Most work is done off of the roadway to ensure that traffic moves smoothly during the day. This week, crews will be working at night, but there should not be any noise disturbance created from the work. Local residents should take note of the bridge rail cutting next week, which will create some noise during the process.  Rail cutting will take place from 9pm to 9am on July 31st and August 1st.  ODOT says night work is necessary for this process because it requires the closing of a lane.  Crews are also continuing to sand blast areas on the south end of the bridge and spraying the protective zinc coating.  Additional lane closing may occur between 4 am and 9 am daily. Delays could be up to 20 minutes.

Lincoln County Law May Have Lane County Implications

A move in Lincoln county may have an impact here in lane county.  Voters in Lincoln county voted to pass a measure that would outlaw the spraying of pesticides from the air.  It is the first of its kind and it is intended to preserve the Siletz river ecosystem.  The law is being challenged however by 2 local farmers that say the ban will hurt their ability to produce crops.  They hope to have the measure overturned.  Rio Davidson with Lincoln County Community Rights wants to stop that from  happening.

‘The idea here is that nature needs to have rights, and the only way to sometimes protect nature is by actually having nature intervene itself into a lawsuit, and that’s essential to the ecosystem, to ongoing health-function and survival.”

Over the past year, high courts in New Zealand, India and Colombia have recognized the rights of rivers. The measure faced local opposition from Lincoln County Sheriff Curtis Landers, who says a provision allowing “direct action” would be a threat to public safety. The Lincoln County Circuit judge has put a hold on that provision. Other opponents have argued the language of the measure is too broad.  But Davidson says the large pesticide sprays on forests before they are logged are putting hazardous chemicals into the county’s rivers and streams. Ultimately, he says the people of Lincoln County have spoken on this issue and that the defense of this measure will rely on rights found in the Declaration of Independence and the federal and state constitutions.

“Corporate rights or state pre-emption must not be able to violate the communities’ rights to local self-government when the people exercise that right to protect the right to our health, safety and welfare.”

The judge has not yet decided whether to allow the Siletz River ecosystem to intervene in the case. Lane County voters will consider a similar measure banning aerial pesticide application this November.

Get Your Pickle On

It’s a little bit of a pickle!  The OSU Extension Service Master Food Preservers is offering a pickle making class.  If you ever wanted to learn the tips and tricks for making either quick or fermented pickles the class will be held in Eugene at the Community of Christ Church on August 12th. From 10 to 1:30.  If you would like to know more you can contact the Food Preserver Hotline at 800 – 354- 7319