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Fuel Climb Not Harvey; Florence Police Beef Up Enforcement; DeFazio Visit; Chetco Bar Fire Update

Harvey Has Little Effect On Local Fuel

Hurricane Harvey may have shaken up the gulf coast and shut down oil refineries there but according to Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon it was the increased demand over the eclipse that generated the surge here in Florence.

“Harvey is really not having much of an impact. When we look at the last week the Oregon average is up 2 ½ cents and in Florence we’re up to $2.69 a gallon so up 7 cents in the last week.”

That being said, Dodds says this will not be a long lived increase as we begin the switch over to blended fuels.

“Prices here should start to drop by mid to late September.”

Dodd says even with the shut down of some gulf refineries, crude oil reserves are pretty stout.  And that has caused a decrease in crude prices.  Refineries in Corpus Christi are already back up and running.  Houston will have to wait for the waters to recede.

Traffic Enforcement Up

As the traffic continues to grow  in anticipation of the Labor Day Weekend, the Florence Police Department, Lane County Sheriff’s office, and the Oregon State Police will be beefing up their traffic enforcement focusing on seatbelt use, proper child safety, illegal cell phone use, and speeding.  In the past week there has already been an increase in traffic stops by city police and that will continue until after Labor Day.  Police encourage the safe operation of a vehicle and the observance of laws to keep the public safe.

DeFazio Say Resources Stretched

The Chetco Bar Fire is not only the largest fire currently in the U.S. but it is also the largest drain on resources.  Congressman Peter DeFazio was in the region yesterday and expressed concern that it has not yet been declared a national disaster.  He says the state is at its limit of resources both with personnel and funding.  Which will mean drawing money from other sources to pay for this and the several other fires within Oregon’s boundaries.

“Some of that money will be taken from accounts that’s intended for fuel reduction to prevent future fires.”

DeFazio says a fire of this size should receive help from the federal governments disaster agency.

“And it should be funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and not out of the Forest Service budget which is already inadequate.”

Defazio was in town yesterday to host a town hall at the Siuslaw Middle School.

Some Containment for Chetco

The Chetco Fire, according to fire officials is currently 5% contained on the western edge.  Crews are working to create and maintain containment lines and battle warm dry contidions.  Currently there are an additional 120 National Guard Firefighters being deployed to help with mop up operations on the western side of the fire.