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LCC Addresses DACA; Beachwalk Helps Out Families; Be Ready Expo; Smoke Projected to Return

LCC Makes DACA Statement

On the heels of what may be the end of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program or DACA, Lane Community college has issues a statement urging President Trump to not repeal the Obama era act.  A change in this policy could affect over 750 thousand children and young adults in the United States.  The Board of Education Chair Rosie Pryor said in the statement that the Lane Community College Board of Education unanimously affirmed its support of DACA students enrolled at LCC and the board is committed to ensure that these students have a safe place to learn and flourish.  They also urged Trump in the statement to work with congress to implement a long-term solution that supports DACA students.  Trump during his campaign had said he was not in favor of the program, but in recent months had softened his stance, but recent reports have him once again considering stopping the program.

Beachwalk Helps Families

The habitat for humanity beach walk is set for next Saturday and Linday Stent with Habitat says this is an important fund-raiser for them even when they are not in the middle of building a new home.  It’s called the neighborhood revitalization program.

“This is going in and helping, particularly seniors, and disabled folks that may need a ramp if somebody’s in a wheel chair.”

The revitalization program helps with a myriad of issues that may concern the homeowner including roof repairs, plumbing and electrical needs and more.  Next Saturdays beachwalk will start at the north jetty and walk to Driftwood shores where there will be live music, snacks and kites.

“We have the Rogue Valley Wind Chasers Kite Club is going to be there doing a big kite flying exhibition.”

Walkers can make the round trip back to the Jetty or a shuttle will be provided.  This is a dog friendly event even if you utilize the shuttle.  The event starts at 9 am on the 9th and you can pre-register at Habitat on highway 101 just down the walk from Grocery Outlet, or at the jetty the morning of the event.

Dave Robinson to Speak at Be Ready Expo

Dave Robinson is a columnist and readiness expert that will be here in Florence for the Be Ready Expo sponsored by the Siuslaw News.   The event is coming up on Saturday the 23rd.  Coast Radio News spoke with Robinson about his published booklet and he shared some things that people might not think about in the event of an emergency, such as a possible 9.0 earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone,  one of the most important considerations is cash.

“if the power goes out, so you can’t go to an ATM and get any money, your debit card is no good, the money that you have in your savings is no good so it wise that everybody have some cash on hand.”

Robinson is a featured speaker at the Be Ready Expo which will consist of different emergency agencies, a panel discussion and vendors with items and information on how to prepare for an event that might seclude us from outside help in the event of an emergency.  The Expo will be Saturday September 23rd from 10 until 3 at the Florence Event Center.

Smoky Skies Predicted to Return

After several days of clear skies, forecasters are predicting the return of the smoke from the Chetco Bar Fire.  Florence will see some effect from it but the greater part of the smoke will be in the valley and warnings are being issued for poor air quality.  There is also expected to be critical fire weather over the next several days with high winds, low relative humidity, and hot temperatures.  The Red Cross has announced that it will move its Gold Beach evacuation shelter to the Curry County Fairgrounds.  Crews are still working hard to contain the area but fire officials worry that the weekend weather could spark a surge in the fire carrying it further to the southwest.