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Wyden Touts Bi-Partisan Efforts

Democratic Oregon Senator Ron Wyden says the decision for several republican senators to not vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act means that the Senate can finally get back to working together to on a real plan to fix the current plan.

“The Senate now has an opportunity to put partisan politics aside and work for all Americans on a bi-partisan basis.”

Wyden says the senate needs to fund the Children’s Health insurance program and work on other priorities instead of focusing its efforts on repealing Obama care.

Veteran Homeless to get Relief

Money has funneled in to help the Veteran homeless population in Oregon.  350 thousand dollars has been set aside for immediate use to provide assistance to Oregon’s Homeless Vets.  Governor Kate Brown is leading the effort to eliminate veteran homelessness in Oregon.  Brown says that “Every veteran in Oregon deserves safe and stable housing.”  Currently there are about 1251 homeless veterans living in the state.  Director of Oregon Housing and Community Services, Margaret Salazar says the additional monies will go a long way in reducing those numbers.  The additional money is coming from a percentage of net lottery revenues.

Man Dies in Fall

A Colorado man is the latest victim to lose his life while traversing the Oregon coast line.  27 year old Jeremy Tilton was with friends at Mill Beach near Brookings when he fell onto rocks about 50 feet below.  The Brookings fire department responded and attempted to administer life-saving efforts.  Police do not believe there was any foul play.  Tilton was the third victim in 2 weeks to suffer fatal injuries while enjoying Oregon’s coast.  Officials remind people to not to try more than your experience level will allow.  Know the area you are exploring and always tell someone where you are going.

Flu Shots Encouraged

Lane county public health officials are urging people to get the flu shot.  The typical flu season begins mid November, but they say that the antibodies need time to form in the body to be most effective.  They say the elderly are most at risk with over 14 deaths attributed to the flu during the 2016-2017 flu season.  But certain people with long term health issues as well as children and pregnant women are encouraged to get the shot.  A few cases have already turned up in Lane County according to officials at Lane County.

Military Heritage Day

The Oregon Coast Military museum will celebrate Military Heritage day with a retelling of the Black suitcase mystery.  Author Gail Elliot Downs, a retired teacher, will revisit the story’s of B-24 Liberator Bombers and the men who flew them.  Downs who is the Daughter of a military father and an army nurse mother, decided to write the story as she taught her students about the history of WWII during the 50th anniversary of the war.  The four year study turned out to be the beginning of the books creation.  The event will be at the airport inside Sam Spayd’s hanger on Saturday October 7th at 2 pm. It is a free events but seating is limited.  To learn more about the event you can go the