Be Alert For Trick or Treaters; DACA Issues in Oregon; Silver Coho Jumping; Old Town Treats


Safe Trick or Treating

This is all hallows eve the night for ghosts and goblins, candy and costumes, and trick or treating.  What it is not the night for is for drivers and pedestrians to be complacent.  Chief Tom Turner with the Florence Police Department says that diligence is required by both the Halloween participants and the citizens driving the streets.  The spooky holiday comes at a time when the skies darken early and that causes one of the largest problems for children, visibility.  Turner says there are a lot of additions that you can make to a costume to improve detection.

“Everything from reflective shoes to the reflective goody bags to just high visibility pieces, flash lights all of that traveling in groups those are all beneficial to the trick or treaters and to the people that are participating like that.”

Turner says the justice center will be holding their candy giveaway from 5pm to 6:30 pm.  The Florence Police Department will also be giving away free reflective bags to hold candy.  Something he believes that the children will hold on to.

“One of the things that’s really important is their candy so if there candy is in a very reflective pot, so that the thing there gonna keep a hold of…”

Chief Turner also added that it is important to remember that chocolate is not good for dogs and that they can get sick if they eat it, so make sure you secure your candy from animals…and in some cases your parents.

Silver Coho Jumping

According to local sportsmen it has been a dismal season for salmon fishing, but with the end of the season approaching, local businessman and owner of the Bridgeport market, Jay cable says the season has made up for itself by an abundance of  Salmon that have made it to Siltcoos and Takenitch lakes.  A record 23 pound Silver Coho was caught at Siltcoos and fishermen are reporting that fish are active and plentiful.  ODFW is expected to open the dam in the next several days.

DACA Children to Suffer

A new report reveals the persistent disparities for children of color and those in immigrant families, in Oregon and across the country. The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2017 Race for Results report measures key milestones in child development across racial and ethnic groups. Tonia Hunt, head of Children First for Oregon, says children of color and in immigrant families across the board are hurting in the state, and are more likely to be low-income and have lower education outcomes. She says the state, as well as the rest of the nation, has to face the historical effects of systemic racism.

“It’s a simple fact that Oregon is not going to be a great state for our kids until it’s a great state for all of our kids. We all pay the price when we exclude children from opportunity, when we don’t give equal access to opportunity and to success for kids and families in the state.”

Hunt says rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program for people brought to the United States as children is a big barrier for the roughly 11-thousand Oregonians enrolled in it. She says these young people won’t be able to thrive if they have to live under the fear of deportation.

Old Town Trick or Treat

Old town trick or treat begins this evening at 3pm and will last  until 5 pm.  Businesses in Old Town, including City Hall will be decorated for Halloween and giving out candy to children for a safe fun event.  Sponsored by the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce and Old Town Merchants.