To Herbert Or Not To Herbert; Harriers Run For Championship

Duck Coach Willie Taggart answered reporters questions as to the state of this franchise quarterback Justin Herbert with a smile on his face and while his words did not give away his plans his body language was saying something different.  But in a coy manner he said that it is in the hands of the Football gods at this point..

 “The Doctors told us where he is and Justin told us how he’s feeling and he goes out and practices and he’s performing really well and if you have seen practice yesterday you’d of been like, ‘ok, he’s ready’”

Taggart says that they won’t know sure until Herbert get hit and for now that’s not happening.  He says the players are not even allowed to breathe heavy around the QB.  With a smile on his face Taggart says it is a game time decision and that is when he will know for sure that Herbert is ready.

Siuslaw Viking Cross Country coach Chris Johnson says his team is ready for the State Championships on Saturday.  And now it’s just about running your race

“At this point in the cross country season times mean absolutely nothing all that matters is placing.”

Johnson says the weather will not be a factor and that the course is not a fast course, but the competition will be tough.