Siuslaw River Bridge

No More Crabbing; Siuslaw High School Pantry; Boater Rescued; Free Fishing

Crabbing Closed

Elevated levels of domoic acid have forced the closing of crabbing along the Oregon Coast from Tahkenitch creek north of Winchester Bay up to Cape Foulweather north of Newport.  The Oregon department of Fish and Wildlife says the crab along the coast and in estuaries show a dangerous level of the toxin that is dangerous for human consumption.  Domoic acid traditionally causes problems with indigestion and can also be fatal.  Additionally the toxin cannot be removed or cooked out of the shellfish.  Mitch Vance with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

“This closure has to do with domoic acid in certain areas on the south coast and the area around Cape Perpetua and we have set up buffer zones on each side of that and that is why we have closed all the up to Yaquina Bay.”

Vance points out that the danger levels set up for crabbing by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Federal Department of Agriculture are more conservative for domoic acid and that is why crab and shellfish sold in retail markets or restaurants is still considered safe.  He says that historically domoic acid has not been a problem with crab.

“Over the last two years we have see domoic acid in crab and that is a new thing.”


Student Pantry

Siuslaw High School is currently stocking an in house pantry for students that require assistance for food.  School Counselor Steve Mozier says it started out as a simple way for students to get food, but that quickly changed…

“It’s actually morphed into clothing shoes toiletries those kind of essential things beyond just food.”

Mozier said that the issue is getting student to use the pantry.  Staff was worried at first that students might take advantage of the service, but the opposite occurred.

“We’ve found it kind of difficult to get students to utilize it which is kind of why we have it in the back of the library.”

There is a small component of homeless students according to Mozier that use the pantry.  He said he was pleased to see that students in need will only take that which will get them through and not hoard items.  He says the selection of items continues to grow and there are even some items that are dated that occasionally come through the pantry.  One of the benefactors of the school pantry has been the local Kiwanis club who regularly donate items.


Man Rescued From Lake

Siuslaw valley Fire and Rescue responded to a water emergency yesterday afternoon on Mercer Lake.  The call was received around 3:10 pm Thursday.  A man in his 70’s was in the water approximately 30 minutes after his boat overturned.  He was rescued from the water and transported to Peace Harbor medical center where it is reported he was in good condition.


Free Fishing

The Oregon Department of Fish and wildlife is waiving fishing license requirements for the two days following thanksgiving.  This means no licenses, tags or endorsements are needed for those days.  This is to encourage people to #optoutside for the long holiday weekend.  ODFW says this is a perfect time for winter steelhead and trout.