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PeaceHealth CAO Looks Forward; Sorpoptomists Gather Food; Inmate Dies At Coos County Jail; Coast Guard Families Treated to Holiday Movie

Hawkins Looks Forward At Peace Harbor Medical Center

The New CAO of PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center Jason Hawkins, settles in to his position here in Florence. Spending some time with outgoing CAO Rick Yecny.  Both men come from a strong background in accounting.  Coast Radio News spoke with Hawkins about the importance of that type of education.  Hawkins says that the Medical field is a highly regulated business, but that it is also a people business so it takes someone with good skills in many different areas.

“Understanding the regulatory piece, the reimbursement piece, listening to the community, listening to what their needs are, you can kind of shape out what services can be offered in a way that makes sense.”

Hawkins also said that he was impressed with speaking with the hospitals staff of professionals and their enthusiasm moving forward.

“They want to embrace a lot of the change that is coming, and they want to be better and they want to take care of their community, they want to take care of their friends and families and neighbors.”

Florence will have a chance to get to know Jason Hawkins better this Wednesday (Thursday on KCFM) on Coast Radio’s Our Town.

Christmas Baskets And Toy Drive in Full Swing

The Soroptomist club of Florence has begun putting together their annual Christmas baskets.  Carol Bennet heads the project and she say that while it used to be packed with items to prepare Christmas Dinner, that has expanded.

“we provide eggs and oatmeal and things like that in the basket so that it can be something that there’s food for not just Christmas dinner but for the entire day.”

In addition to the Christmas meal Bennet says that many kids don’t have access to enough food while school is on break so they add some staples for additional meals.

“We try to include peamut butter and jam and crackers.”

Bennet says they also include fresh fruits into the baskets.  In association with the food baskets is a toy drive for kids age infant to 13 and those items can be dropped off at any of the local banks here in Florence.  Distribution of the food baskets and toys will be Saturday December 16th.  Food will be distributed from 10 to 1 at Siuslaw Middle School and toys will be handed out at the Church of the Nazarene on 12th and Nopal from 9 to 2 pm.

Coos Bay Man Dies in Custody

The Register Guard reported that an inmate at the Coos County Jail died just hours after being arrested.  Rocky Stewart was found unresponsive in his cell early Sunday morning.  Rocky Alan Stewart, 42, of Bandon was arrested after a fight with family members on Saturday night.  Stewart declined medical attention after the fight with what authorities say were minor injuries.  He was offered medical attention again after he was booked into the jail refusing again.  Oregon State Police are leading the investigation into the death and the handling of the situation.  An autopsy is expected to be performed.

OCMM Partners With City Lights Cinemas for Coast Guard Families

The Oregon Coast Military Museum is partnering with City Lights Cinemas to Take Coastie Kids to the Movies.  The two groups are celebrating the commitment and sacrifice that U.S. Coast Guard Families make in order for their loved ones to serve here in Florence.  And as a Coast Guard City it is part of the dedication that the city has to the Coast Guard.  Mayor Joe Henry says “they are a significant part of our community and we want to make sure they know we appreciate them.”  City Lights Cinemas will be showing “The Christmas Story” Saturday December 7th with free admission for USCG Family Members.