Job Fair Tomorrow; Forest Service Assessment For Fire Protection; Siuslaw School District To Review Budget

Job Fair Tomorrow

The third annual Community Job fair at Three Rivers Casino Resort will be getting underway at 10 am tomorrow morning.  What started three years ago as a local opportunity for the community to meet and interview with employers has now blossomed with opportunities up and down our coastal area according to Pam Hickson, Recruitment Specialist with Three Rivers Casino Resort

“It’s Grown to be almost a coastal job fair.  And grown in numbers but also grown in the variety that we have to offer and the locations.”

The fair has 44 vendors participating at this years event after beginning with 28 in 2016.  With many businesses going to online applications, including Three Rivers Casino Resort, this allows employers to meet the job seekers

“This allows that face to face interaction that is just often missing when we do the online application process.”

The Job fair at three rivers casino will be from 10 until 3 tomorrow and will feature vendors like the City of Florence, the Bay Area Hospital,  Top Hydraulics, ODOT, and Peace Health among a list of others.  The event is free.  It is recommended that you bring a resume and any information that you would generally put on an application.

Forest Service Assessment For Fire Protection

Some Florence residents have contacted the City after receiving a letter telling them that they are responsible to pay fees to the Oregon Department of Forestry for wildfire protection.  Mayor Joe Henry indicated that some of these concerns were raised because it seemingly came out of the blue.  A letter was distributed to some properties that were included in a wildfire zone and outlines the process by which the specific properties were chosen.  Properties that have growth that the forest service has determined can or may contribute to the spread of wildfires have been assessed a fee that will be included in the county tax bill.  Properties of 15 acres or less will see an $18.75 addition.  Larger parcels will be billed at $1.17 per acre.  Properties with improvements such as buildings are assessed an additional $47.50 to help fund the “emergency Fire Fund.”  Included in the letter was the process for appeal.  County commissioner Jay Bozevich, in a letter to Mayor Henry outlined the two year process and noted that a meeting concerning the assessments was attended by over 200 people here in Florence back in 2016.

Siuslaw School District To Review Budget

A budget overview of the Siuslaw School District will be presented by Business Manager Kari Blake tomorrow afternoon at 4:40 in the Siuslaw High School Library.  The public is invited to attend.  Blake will give an overview of school funding and an update on this year’s budget and will also look ahead to the planning of the next year’s budget.  The school district is sending notice due to the fact that a quorum of the school board may be present.  No action will be taken by the board at this presentation.