Florence Police Announce Crosswalk Enforcement Campaign; Fuel Prices on the Rise; Port Perusing Potential Candidates; Triathalon Seeking Volunteers

Florence Police Announce Crosswalk Enforcement Campaign

As a reminder of the pending tourist season and the increased amount of traffic that will soon be filling our streets the Florence Police department has announced that it will be initiating a Pedestrian Enforcement Operation in order to bring awareness to drivers of the dangers that can occur when pedestrian traffic meets automotive traffic.  On Saturday, March 17th, police will be ramping  up enforcement of Oregon laws regarding pedestrian crossing, especially along the 101 corridor.  Oregon law states that vehicles at traffic signals must stop and remain stopped for pedestrians until they have cleared the lane in which the driver is traveling and the adjacent lane.  And when turning drivers must wait until at least 6 feet after the pedestrian has entered the adjacent lane heading away from the driver.  At any other crosswalk, those without a signal, the rules are very similar, except when turning, the driver must wait until the pedestrian clears the entire adjacent lane.  Drivers must remain stopped for students crossing, or about to cross a street under the guidance of a crossing guard and must also wait until blind, blind and deaf pedestrians using a cane or guide dog have completely cleared the road.  Florence police also reminds drivers that it is unsafe and illegal to pass a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk whether it is marked or not.  Be alert and slow down.  Mortality rates drop 70 percent for pedestrians hit by a vehicle traveling less than 20 miles per hour.  The 17th is also St. Patrick’s day and a reminder to not drink and drive, have a designated driver, and if you are hosting a party, be sure to provide a safe place for your guest to stay.

Fuel Prices on the Rise

Late winter and early spring travel have once again boosted prices for fuel throughout the United States and that includes Oregon.  Prices have been dipping over recent weeks, although very slightly, but a 2 cent jump across Oregon this past week is an indication that prices will likely rise a bit more over the next several weeks according to AAA Oregon’s Marie Dodds.  Oregon continues to remain in the top 5 for most expensive states for fuel and locally in Florence average fuel price for a gallon of regular gas jumped 5 cents and is at an average $2.76 a gallon.  Dodds says that if the trend continues prices will see steady increases until mid to late April.

Port Perusing Potential Candidates

The Board of the Port of Siuslaw was in executive session yesterday to consider applications for the hiring of a new port manager.  They will return to executive session this afternoon at 4:30.  The Board is reviewing applications and could possibly come to a decision soon.  If the board needs to make any public statements or arrive at a decision they will open the meeting after the executive session.  Interim Manager Dina McClure’s last day is the 15th of March.

Triathalon Seeking Volunteers

The Dunes city 6th annual Triathalon is approaching and Dunes city is looking for 80 volunteers to sign up to help.  Saturday, May 12th is the date for the popular event and shifts are generally four hours.  You can contact the Dune City administration for more information or to sign up.