Wreck Shuts Down 126; March Still Dangerous For Beach Walks; LaBula Fire Still Under Investigation; Fuel Prices Not Coming Down

Wreck Shuts Down 126

Oregon State Police are investigating an accident that closed down both lanes of highway 126.  The accident happened late yesterday morning around milepost 17.  There were reports of a vehicle upside down and several injuries.  One victim had to be airlifted to the hospital.  Several ambulances were dispatched as well.  ODOT crews were on the scene for several hours as the wreck was cleared.  There is no report on the injuries sustained, but there has been no report of loss of life at this time.

March Still Dangerous For Beach Walks

The advent of spring and the beginning of the travel season will bring many visitors to the coast and the Oregon Parks and Recreation department is warning people that March is still a dangerous time on the beaches.  Even with warmer temperatures inland powerful storms off the coast can bring unpredictable conditions on the coast.  Lisa Stevenson is a beach ranger with OPRD and she says to be vigilant when taking a beach walk.  She says that sunshine and warmer temperatures can be a great time for the beach, but that keeping an eye out for sneaker waves and debris washing up on the shore is still necessary.  She recommends keeping track of high and low tides especially if you plan to visit tide pools.

LaBula Fire Still Under Investigation

As of yesterday there was still no determination on the cause of the fire at the former La Bula restaurant on highway 101.  Investigators from the Oregon State Police are still actively reviewing the evidence trying to determine exactly what happened.  Meanwhile the burned out building sits along the highway.  No plans have been announced as to what will be done to the building after the investigation is completed.  With Rhody days approaching and the beginning of the heavily trafficked tourist season hopes of some residents is that the building will be taken down and the site cleaned.

Fuel Prices Not Coming Down

AAA Oregon predicts that fuel prices will continue to rise over the coming months as demand increases and prices of raw crude continue to be volatile.  This past week changes were minimal across the nation with Oregon seeing a one cent rise for a gallon of regular gas.  Here locally, the average price for a gallon of regular gas actually dropped a penny.  Between April 1st and June 1st is when AAA predicts we will see the highest prices but lower than the $3.99 a gallon highs in 2014.  Crude oil continues to hover around the $62 a barrel price which is $13 more a barrel than last year at this time.