Siuslaw River Bridge at Sunset

Sibling March Set For Saturday; Camera For City Posterity; Building to Stay…For Now

Sibling March Set For Saturday

There will be a Sibling march against gun violence in Florence this Saturday.  According to organizer Nancy Rickart the event will be held on the streets of Florence beginning at 1 pm.

“We’re gathering at the Methodist Church at 12:30 and we’ll march up 101 north to the crossing at 101 and 126 and then back down on the east side of the road and we’ll go crossing then at Rhody and 101 and back to the church.”

Rickart says that there is also an alternate route for those who want to continue through Old Town on Bay street.  Rickart made it clear that this was not an anti gun campaign, but rather an awareness of the dangers that guns present in the wrong hands and the opportunity to take a closer look at the warning signs.  Speaking of the shooter in the Parkland, Florida incident.

“There were so many indications that he was violent and had troubles and nobody found it or caught it.”

Rickart says she does not know if any of the Siuslaw students will be joining the march this Saturday, but that they did notify the school of their intentions.  She says she has also been in communication with the Florence Police Department in case of a large showing.

Camera For City Posterity

It is not specifically for security reasons, but the camera that is pointing at the city hall is intended for the enrichment of the community.  Erin Reynolds says the camera’s video is just like the ones that they shot for the construction of the public works building and will provide a time lapse history for the remodel.

“it’s an opportunity for us to capture construction project progress over the course of the project.”

Reynolds also says that the positioning of the camera allows for some great sunrise shots over the city and you can access the feed from the city’s website or more easily…

“The best way to access that is if you are a friend or have liked the City of Florence government page on Facebook.”

Currently workers are deconstructing the front of the building and preparing to add about 2500 square feet of space.

Building to Stay…For Now

The city says it is waiting for official notice from the Oregon State Police before deeming the La Bula Restaurant building as a “Dangerous Building.”  According to the City of Florence Planning Director, Wendy Farley-Campbell, once the designation is made no one would be allowed to enter the building except for the purpose of demolition and therefore they are waiting.  Fencing has temporarily secured the building and the city can still take action if the building is deemed an attractive nuisance.