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City of Florence should ease into State guideline; Art Brings Value to Community/Students; Gas Prices Climb Again

City of Florence should ease into State guideline

Senate Bill 1051 that requires smaller cities to comply with expanded uses of residential properties goes into effect on July 1st. The new law requires the allowance of single resident zoning to allow for accessory dwelling units, or ADU’s.  Due to the restrictions of usable building spaces in Florence the city was well on its way to making this happen long before being required to do so by the state.  City Manager, Erin Reynolds, says the city codes will be ready by the July deadline.

“Thankfully we were already headed in that direction.  And there is support from the community for those types of dwelling units to be added to our housing stack.”

Last night’s work session with the city council and planning commission was working to iron out the specifics of impending new city codes, a process that has been a long time in the making.

“Over two years ago the city council put into the work plan to allow accessory dwelling units and of course along with a whole bunch of other flexible housing options.”

One of the details to work out is just what size units can be placed on a lot.  Lots vary in size throughout the city and the codes will have to reflect those variances.

Art Brings Value to Community/Students

Florence’s Art Community is focused on bringing more attention to the value of art and its benefits among the younger population.  Harlan Springer says that with art programs being cut nationwide the responsibility becomes part of the artist themselves to see that the youth are not growing up without an appreciation for the creative process.  And, he says, that flows over into putting art into practice.

“Some of the artists around town are helping to teach art classes in the schools, in addition many of the galleries such as the Florence Regional Arts Alliance has a youth wall where they support youth and art really helps the youth have a creative outlet for what they like to do.”

Student artists participated in the painting of trash cans last year as part of an art outreach project and Springer says more of those types of projects are in the works for the future.  The Siuslaw news is getting ready to release its latest edition of the Art Passport that showcases galleries in the area and locations for public art displays.  The next significant art event is tied to the Florence Fest 18 which features Jazz, wine and a Juried Art show.  That event is coming up April 27th and 28th at the Florence Event Center.

Gas Prices Climb Again

Gasoline prices continue to rocket up with another 5 cent a gallon increase in the past week here in Florence.  Fuel consumption is at record highs for the nation as well as Oregon.  With spring break, travelers are hitting the roads and the weather around the state has been fairly agreeable for travel.  The average price for a regular gallon of gasoline in Florence is hovering around the $2.87 mark.  Prices are expected to surpass the $3 mark as the climb will continue through May according to AAA Oregon.