Death With Dignity Improvement Proposed; Kidde Smoke Alarm Recall; Annual Easter Egg Hunt Scheduled

Death With Dignity Improvement Proposed

Changes could be coming to Oregons Death With Dignity law.  That is the hope of one opponent of the current verbiage contained in it.  Bruce Yelle is the head of End Choices a non-profit that is spearheading changes in the current law.  He says that the way it is written still means a lot of pain and suffering for people with terminal illnesses.  Currently the law requires a determination of 6 months of life remaining to qualify.  Yelle suffers with parkinsons along with other diagnosis and had initially moved to Oregon to take advantage of the law.

“I was looking at probably a pretty unpleasant death for lots of years and then I looked at the law and I said I’m not going to qualify because no doctor is going to give me just 6 months to live.”

Yelle began writing letters to the editor and when one was published in the Register Guard his story got picked up by Oregon public broadcasting and a video was made and began circulating.  He eventually met with Senator Arnie Roblan.

“We talked for a while and he agreed in 2019 to sponsor an expansion to the Oregon Death with Dignity.”

Yelle says he hopes to make the law more compassionate and help those that are currently being overlooked due to circumstances that prevent them from taking advantage of the law.  Bruce Yelle will be a guest on April’s Our Town.


Kidde Smoke Alarm Recall

If you own a Kidde Smoke alarm in your home you may need to check your model numbers.  According to the Oregon State Fire Marshall two models may have been improperly manufactured and could fail to detect smoke in the case of a fire.  Models PI2010 and PI9010 were issued with yellow caps covering the sensors.  According to Kidde the cap is viewable when the smoke detector is removed from the wall.  The fire marshall’s office says that if you can see a yellow cap, do not try to remove it or otherwise repair the item.  Kidde will replace the item with a new one.  The models in question were sold nationwide through numerous retailers and online stores and were distributed between September 2016 and January 2018.  The manufacturers website will be linked to this story on Coast Radio’s Website and Facebook page.

For more information, visit the Kidde website: or the Consumer Product Safety Commission website:

Annual Easter Egg Hunt Scheduled

The annual Florence Community Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, March 31, at 10 a.m. in the Miller Park open field area.  The Easter egg hunt is open to all children ages 1 to 10 years old. The hunt will consist of more than 4,000 plastic eggs filled with candy, along with some prize eggs sprinkled in.  The Siuslaw High School Interact Club, has over 30 members from freshmen to seniors, organize and host this annual event with the help of the Rotary Club of Florence.  Miller Park is located at on 18th Street off of Highway 101.  The Easter Egg Hunt will start promptly at 10 a.m., and it only takes a few minutes for the kids to gather up all the eggs.