Fatalities Plague Central Coast Highways; Early Rhody Show This Weekend; Lithium Batteries Cause for Concern; Trout Moved to Cleawox

Fatalities Plague Central Coast Highways

In just the past month there have been 9 fatalities on the roads in the central Oregon coast.  126 and 101 have been plagued in recent weeks with a rash of crashes that have resulted in life ending events.  A report in the NewsGuard says Oregon State Police say there are three main categories that continue to be a factor: Speed, Impaired Driving and Occupant safety.  Oregon state police are concerned that these crashes have happened way before the height of the tourist season along the coast.  3 of the nine deaths have come from accidents on 126.  Resident Deputy Colt Parker had spoken with Coast Radio News and said  that Highway 126 continues to be a concern due to the high level of traffic and speed.  Distracted driving also continues to be an issue as people are using hand held devices while trying to navigate roadways.  Law enforcement continues to monitor the situation, but as of now have not said whether or not there are plans for beefed up patrol of the roadways.

Early Rhody Show This Weekend

This weekend is the annual Early Flower Show at the Florence Event center.  There will be Rhododendron blooms from all around the county as the early blooming Rhododendrons reach their seasonal peak.  Mike Bones of Bones Nursery helps facilitate the show and plant sale every year and says that the early show has been going on about a decade.  The Oregon Coast is unique with its weather and that contributes to the long bloom period.

“For years we just had the late flower show, which we call the late flower show, but there’s so many things out there that are blooming early that people go ‘rhody’s aren’t supposed to bloom this early’ but they do.”

Bones says that some varieties bloom as early as January.  The show will begin at 1 pm on Saturday, but enthusiasts that would like their trusses to be judged as part of the show will have to have them to the Florence Event Center between 7 and 9 am that morning.  The plant show will be ongoing both Saturday and Sunday and Bones says it wouldn’t hurt to come early in the day.

“It’s not just going to be rhodys and azaleas out there for sale, we’ll have other things too.”

The plant sale begins at 10 am both days.  This Saturday and Sunday at the Florence event center.

Lithium Batteries Cause for Concern

A recent fire at one of Lane County’s Transfer stations was a good reminder for the public not to dispose of lithium ion batteries in the trash.  Transfer stations outside of the Florence area have been plagued with as many as four fires a day.  This Friday and Saturday’s Hazardous Waste Collection at Florence’s Lane County Transfer station is the perfect opportunity to dispose of these batteries.  The event is tomorrow and Saturday.  Tomorrow you can dispose of hazardous waste from noon until 5 pm and on Saturday from 8 til 2 pm.

Trout Moved to Cleawox

The Oregon Department of Fish And Wildlife has reported that an annual stocking of trout in the Siltcoos Lagoon had to be cancelled due to low oxygen levels in the lake.  The fish that were scheduled to be released have been rerouted to Cleawox lake.  This should provide great opportunities for anglers there.