Oregon Coast Humane Society Gets New Board; Florence Police to Participate in DUII Campaign; Check For Invasive Species

Oregon Coast Humane Society Gets New Board

The Oregon Coast Humane Society has elected a new board to oversee its operations.  In a move that was sanctioned and facilitated by the Oregon Department of justice the new board was voted in last night.  The seven person board consists of Dolly Brock, Bonnie Compton, Sandra Davidson, Jack Hannigan, Jerry Hatcher, Sauna Robbers and Judy Roth.  At the next board meeting, yet to be announced, the board will choose leadership positions.  All previous board members have been replaced.

Florence Police to Participate in DUII Campaign

This Friday the Florence Police Department will be participating in a DUII enforcement campaign funded with state monies.  The focus will be on impaired driving that includes alcohol use, prescription drugs, over the counter medications and illegal drugs that impair a person’s ability to operate a vehicle.  Specially trained officers will be on alert for drivers that choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  During the month of March Florence police Department made 4 DUII arrests 3 traffic citations and 16 total traffic contacts during a similar campaign.  The FPD wants to remind residents that impaired driving impacts more lives than just the person operating the vehicle.

Check For Invasive Species

The beginning of boating season is just around the corner and starting next week the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will be doing boat inspections.  Motorized and non-motorized boats will be required to be inspected.  Large orange signs will be placed with the words “Boat Inspection Ahead” followed by an “Inspection Required for All Watercraft” sign.  Inspectors will be looking for invasive species that may be attached to boats and that could get into Oregon waterways.  Last year’s inspections found 300 different cases of invasive species on over 21 thousand watercraft inspected.  ODFW says boaters and anglers should be vigilant in maintaining clean boats and gear.