LCC Announces Continuing Education Classes on the HealthCare System; Road Safety and Awareness; Fuel Prices Moving on Up

LCC Announces Continuing Education Classes on the HealthCare System

Changes in the National Health Care legislation have been made and many are wondering just what those changes mean and how they effect their personal choices.  Lane Community College is hosting a series of seminars for the month of May that will try to answer any of those questions.  The first of these continuing education classes is Friday, May 4th.  David Ripley is assisting in facilitating these programs and says this is not about the practice of medicine, but the machine behind it.

“We tend in this country to believe we have the greatest healthcare in the world and certainly technologically, capability that is probably correct.  People come from all over the world, if they can afford it, to get our healthcare but healthcare capability and health care system to take care of all our citizens of our country are two different things.”

Panelist from the medical fields, hospital and legislative representatives will be helping people to understand the changes and how to maneuver within the maze.  People interested in participating in this series are encouraged to contact Lane Community College or go online to  It is a free program but you must register to insure a seat will be available.

Road Safety and Awareness

Americans are taking to the roads in massive numbers and that should mean for a vibrant tourist season here in Florence, but it also means that increased awareness and attention to traffic is a must.  In recent days the Florence police department and Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue along with Western Lane Ambulance District have been busy responding to accidents.  The more people that visit Florence will mean more potential hazards.  Most accidents can be avoided by limiting distractions and giving yourself more time to get to your destination, but it also means being aware of pedestrians in crosswalks, bicycles and motorcycles.  It only takes a minor distraction to change someone’s life permanently.

Fuel Prices Moving on Up

The same traffic that will congest our streets in Florence is also responsible for rising fuel costs.  The Oregon average for a gallon of regular gas is up another 3 cents this week to $3:17 a gallon with Florence’s price sitting right at $3 on average.  AAA Oregon says more people are traveling and even more are expected to hit the roads in the upcoming weeks.  Consumption is getting close to the 10 million barrel a day mark and the west coast continues to have the highest prices in the nation.  Crude oil prices are also at their highest level since December 2014.  According to AAA we can expect prices to rise into the month of June.