Not Unusual: Earthquakes; Florence Fest 18 Wrap; OCHS Board Hard at Work; MHS: Not a Credible Threat

Not Unusual: Earthquakes

No cause for alarm…at least no more than any other day on the coast.  That according to Evelyn Roeloffs with the USGS regarding the series of earthquakes that have been shifting the ocean plates in the past 5 days.  The small 2.5 quake up to the 5.2 quake are primarily horizontal movement in several different areas along the coast and none are reoccurring in the same area.. but each area has had its share of shaking…

“All of these earthquakes are in places that have had earthquakes before, it’s probably just a coincidence to have three big enough to feel within three days.”

Roeloffs says the most recent one, the fourth one in five days occurred Sunday night.

“That was on the Blanco/Fracture zone which is a fault which is in the ocean crust which is out past the subduction zone.  And so that’s a fault with horizontal movement and it has quite  a lot of earthquake activity.”

Roeloffs says quakes that occur through horizontal movement are not tsunami generating quakes.  She says you can never be 100 percent sure that a larger quake will hit, but that this is not all that unusual.

Florence Fest 18 Wrap

The second annual Florence Art, Wine, and Jazz festival, Florence Fest 18, was widely received by members of the community and even some outside of Florence.  Harlan Springer with the Florence Regional Arts Alliance.

“We had extraordinary artwork at this year’s show.  We had artwork from the Florence community was well represented, but we also had artwork from Portland, Eugene, the north and south coast, and from five other states and from as far away as New Jersey.”

Best of Show based on the ballots filled out by guests was “Tiger On Wings” by Dale Karstetter.  The large wood carving depicted an Owl with wings fully extended as it landed.  J Scott Cellars was chosen Best Winery and best wine was Cathedral Ridge’s Rusty Red.  In the Juried Art Show the overall winner was Deon Duncan’s Bronze Sculpture Clarity depicting two swimmers.  Overall organizers said they were pleased with the event and are trying to continue to build the art community in Florence.

OCHS Board Hard at Work

It has been two weeks since the Oregon Coast Humane Society has chosen a new board.  None of the previous board members were on the ballot for the vote.  Since being elected most of the members have been working ten hour days according to Board President Jack Hanigan.  He says there is a lot of work to be done and with no previous board member to help with the transition they are having to sort through all of the Department of Justice information and formulate a plan.  Board Director Dolly Brock says the goal is to at some point be able to step back.

“The function of a board of directors of a non-profit is to look towards the future and make sure the organization is prepared to move forward.”

Not, Brock says to be involved in the day to day operations.  Hanigan says they are hoping that soon a temporary executive director will be on board to help with the transition and provide guidance.  During that time the board will be actively looking for a permanent E.D.  You can listen to the full interview with 6 members of the new board on tomorrow and Thursday’s Our Town.

MHS: Not a Credible Threat

It was not a credible threat.  That is what Mapleton School District Superintendent Jodi O’mara Told KEZI news about a threat that was made at the high school on April 25th.  According to the report a student overheard another student saying he was going to shoot someone and staff intervened Lane County Sheriff’s department responded and spoke with the student and the student’s guardian.  The student is subject to discipline for the comments that could include expulsion. But no charges have been filed.  Several families were upset that they were not notified when the incident occurred.  Since the threat was not deemed credible no notification was made according to O’mara.