Wax Myrtle Overlook - Florence Oregon

Water Bills On the Way; Yard Debris Date Moved; National Nurses Week Celebrated

Water Bills On the Way

They were scheduled to be in your mailbox today, but the city of Florence is still putting finishing touches on their new meter reading capabilities.  A few technical set backs have moved the delivery of your bills to later this week, and possible first of next week.  City Manager Erin Reynolds says not to worry.

“We are waving late payments and there will not be any turnoffs as a results of this change over in the system.”

Florence’s system was broken down into two parts, there were still active meter readers on most of the systems and alternatively there were some radio type transmitters.  She says the new system will encompass some 4400 meters and allow for workers to focus on other tasks.  Reynolds says you can still stop by the public works office and make a credit to your account if you would like and it will be applied to your balance.

Yard Debris Date Moved

Yard debris drop off has moved up a week.  Due to the 111th Rhododendron Festival the city of Florence will setting up this Saturday for debris pick up at the end of 27th street at Kingwood on the north end of the airport.  There is a nominal fee for drop off.  A standard pickup is 10 dollars, 15 for a smaller utility trailer (10 to 12 feet) AND 21 dollars for a trailer 12 to 18 feet in length.  Drop off times are 9am til 2pm.  The city reminds residents that this is only for tree clippings, grass, bushes, prunings and not for any inorganic materials.

National Nurses Week Celebrated

It’s national nurses week and Peace Harbor Medical Center is letting their nurses know how appreciated they are.  Jason Hawkins, Chief Administrative Officer with Peace Harbor says they have special events and awards planned all week.  Yesterday began with a haul of treats from Dirks Big Dog Deli and Donuts and today is BJ’s ice cream along with some special recognitions.

“We’re doing some nomination awards in nursing in about 6 or more categories of excellence, support, advocacy, clinician, collaboration, education and leadership.  So we’ll be handing out those awards as well.”

The first recipient yesterday was Lorie Roser for her work in home health and excellence work in advocacy.  Hawkins says they have a difficult job to do every shift.

“They’re at the core of our care plan and the core of helping people feel better.  They have a lot of responsibility and we are very fortunate to have the group that we have here.”

Peace Harbor celebrates Nurses week and Health care week through Friday.