30 and Counting for Coast Radio; Keeping Safe for Rhody Weekend; Business Boom Begins; Davis Shows 65th Appearance; Primary Results

30 and Counting for Coast Radio

COAST RADIO celebrates its 30th year involved with the Rhododendron Festival and more than 2 decades of live coverage of the grand Floral Parade.  Coast Radio General Manager, Jon Thompson says the combination of KCST and KCFM are great companions for Florence residents and out of town guest visiting for the weekend.  Providing coverage of all of the events and broadcasting live from most of them.  Coast Radio on-air personalities will be out and about offering live updates on events and even some traffic and weather coverage as needed.  Thompson says visitors and residents are treated to the latest on local events, current daily news, weather, and sports and providing in-depth coverage of the many Rhody Activities.  One of the Rhody Highlights is the KCST Classic Car Cruise on Saturday evening.  KCST donates 100 percent of the car registration fees to Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue.  For a complete list of the Rhododendron activities is right here on the Coast Radio Website.

Keeping Safe for Rhody Weekend

The Rhododendron festival brings with it a large influx of visitors and the Florence police department says it is important to be extra careful when driving, walking or bicycling.  Commander John Pitcher identifies one of the reasons it is so essential.

“It’s a celebration that has a lot of drinking involved with it so some of those people don’t make the best decisions and drive afterwards, so always be alert and pay attention to the other people driving.”

In addition to increased traffic awareness Pitcher also warns that vigilance in securing your belongings in your vehicle is also important.

“With a lot of the people in town we want people to be aware of make sure they lock the doors to their cars.  Keep valuables at least out of view, best if you don’t leave them in your vehicle at all, but best if you lock your doors.”

Another safety tip is for pedestrians to make sure that they achieve eye contact with drivers before attempting to cross busy intersections and never assume that because one vehicle stops, the next one will.

Business Boom Begins

This weekend usually means that the beginning of the summer economic boom has arrived.  With thousands of travelers visiting for the first time this season businesses have the opportunity to capture the attention of shoppers.  Jay Cable with Bridgeport Market says it is the snowball effect.

“Right after Rhody Days then our next big bump is the 4th of July and then we swing right on in to fishing season so Rhody week, the carnival, and all the activities is really our kick-off into summer and really gets us going.”

Food, lodging, and adventure activities feel the biggest increase, but retailers also get to take advantage of the proximity of all of the Rhody Events.  And with moderate to nice weather expected this weekend, the streets should be busy with visitors.

Davis Shows 65th Appearance

Davis Shows Northwest is celebrating its 65th year of bringing a carnival experience to Florence.  And for 61 of those years Owner Pat Davis has been celebrating his birthday with Florence.  Davis says his birthday falls on the 17th and with the exception of 2 years as a teen he has been here for all of them.  Davis says they have two shows that travel simultaneously and that gives them an opportunity to change up the rides from year to year, but what is new this year you may not realize until you don’t hear it.  Davis says their newest addition you have to NOT hear to believe..

“That generator over there is brand new, we’ve had it about 3 weeks and it’s a silent generator and there is two of them in it.”

The new technology allows for a quieter experience without the hum and roar of traditional generators.  But in all, carnival goers will most likely remember the rides, the games and the food.

Primary Results

Kate Brown will match up with her republican challenger Knute Buehler in the November election as results were posted after yesterday’s primary.  Closer to home Caddy McKeown will represent the democrats for State Representative and will face Teri Grier.  For Western Lane Commissioner Jay Bozevich defeated Nora Kent and Beverly Hills with 18069 votes cast.  Peter DeFazio will meet Arthur Robinson for the 4th District Congressional seat.