Celebration of Life for Gary Hoagland; Revenge of the Electric Car; Gas Prices Continue Upward Swing

Celebration of Life for Gary Hoagland

Local businessman and hotel owner Gary Hoagland has died.  A statement issued from Hoagland properties says that Hoagland passed away in Portland on May 23rd.  He served on several boards throughout the years and was a member of Rotary International.  He was also elected Mayor of Depoe Bay during his residency there.  In the 70’s He was managing the Inter-Continental Hotel in Tehran, Iran.  When skirmishes broke out some American hostages were taken.  This was prior to the larger, more public revolution that came just months later.  Hoagland was instrumental in getting those first hostages released.  A celebration of life will be held on Friday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 2765 Munsel Creeek Road.  The service will begin at 11 a.m.  Gary Hoagland was 79.

Revenge of the Electric Car

First came who killed the electric car and now The Revenge of the Electric Car a documentary that takes us to present day and follows the evolution of the electric car industry.  The movie will be shown at City Lights Cinemas on June 19th and Chris Chandler with Central Lincoln PUD, sponsor of the movie, says it is an eye opening story.

“Revenge of the Electric Car is where are we at now.  What’s going on and how are automakers going to make it happen.  Because at this point analysts are now telling us that one out of every six cars, by 2025 will be electric.”

There will be two showings of the film at 1:30 and 6:30 pm on june 19th with a Q&A forum after each showing and test drives of some of the more popular electric vehicles being sold today.  Tickets are free for this event and can be picked up at City Lights Cinemas.

Gas Prices Continue Upward Swing

Gas prices continue to climb across the nation after oil reached a high of 74 dollars a barrel last month.  According to AAA Oregon those prices have come back down, but the retail price for gasoline is still going up.  While the national average dropped 3 cents last week the price for a regular gallon of gas in Oregon rose slightly.  In Florence the average price is up 7 cents and is currently at $3.16 a gallon.  According to Marie Dodds at AAA we can expect to see the prices climb even more in the coming weeks as demand still remains high.  Refinery maintenance for the most part is complete and the switch from winter fuels is complete so the price increase will be driven mainly by consumption.