ODOT is On Schedule For Crosswalks; New Development Sought for Property Across From Fred Meyer; Computer Glitch Shuts Down Oregon.gov; Director Hired for New Position; Chamber Art Display Features Local Photographer

ODOT is On Schedule For Crosswalks

The Oregon Department of Transportation is reporting that they are on schedule for completion of the three crosswalks that are being installed along Highway 101 and Highway 126.  Clear skies have helped to step up the pouring of the concrete medians across 101 at 12th and 15th streets as well as 126 and Redwood.  The new medians are well marked but motorists are asked to be alert and cautious in these areas.  Most of the work is being done overnight, but delays could still occur.  The work is being done simultaneously and crews are active during the week from 9pm to 6am.  Work is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.

New Development Sought for Property Across From Fred Meyer

The Florence planning commission is slated to meet tomorrow evening at 5:30 pm in the Florence Event Center. As the city gets closer to the July 1 initiation of HB 1051 the planning department is looking at proposed changes to the Florence Realization 202 Comprehensive Plan.  The committee is looking at current housing trends as well as available buildable lands.  The committee is also looking at ways to strengthen the local economy.  There is also a proposal from Cannery Station Development LLC to develop a seventeen acre parcel across from Fred Meyer on Highway 101.  There are 21 proposed lots for development over the next 10 years.

Computer Glitch Shuts Down Oregon.gov

A glitch in the hardware that operates the Oregon State Data Center on Sunday prevented agencies and the public from being able to access state data systems including Oregon.gov websites.  Officials said that by late evening the system was corrected, but many state agencies will require a full reboot of their system and that may take another day.  Oregon.gov is currently working according to an official release and the state hopes that by the end of day today all other issues will be resolved.

Director Hired for New Position

The State of Oregon has announced that it has hired a director for the newly created position of the Oregon Office of Outdoor Recreation.  Cailin o’Brien-Feeney will take the position which is intended to elevate outdoor recreation throughout the state.

Chamber Art Display Features Local Photographer

This month the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce building on Highway 101 is featuring the Photographs of local business owner and photographer, Jo Beaudreaux.  The exhibit entitled “ExplORE.”  Beaudreaux is a cum laude graduate from San Jose State University and a member of the City of Florence’s Public Art Committee.