Governor’s Marketplace; New Hose For Fire Districts; EMAC Accomodates Staff; ODOT Law Change

Governor’s Marketplace

The Florence Area Chamber of Commerce has announce a Governor’s Marketplace tomorrow at the Florence Event Center.  The Marketplace has partnered with Business Oregon, the Department of Administrative Services and the Secretary of State to assist small businesses in connecting with resources, tools and networking opportunities.  City Manager Erin Reynolds says it is a great opportunity for local business.

“If you ever wanted to do business with the state of Oregon, they have large contracts. It could be a great economic opportunity for our local businesses in the area.”

The event will be held at the Florence Event Center tomorrow from 8am until 2 pm.  Individual sessions will be offered through the day on topics ranging from bidding on public contracts to getting through governmental red tape and a lightning round networking session.

New Hose For Fire Districts

Siuslaw Valley Fire Chief Jim Langborg has announced the arrival of new fire hose for SVFR, Mapleton, and Swisshome/Deadwood Fire Districts.  Last year SVFR received a regional FEMA grant to replace all fire hose for the three districts.. The value of the grant was over $250,000. According to Langborg the hose was delivered to Swisshome / Deadwood last weekend and was delivered to Mapleton Monday evening. The districts were able to purchase over 40,000 feet of hose to be place on fire apparatus.  He says the typical life of fire hose is 15 years which should save all three Fire Districts money for many years. Chief Langborg says this grant is one of the many efforts SVFR has made to partner with their upriver counter parts in an effort to help improve emergency response to all citizens and visitors of our region.

EMAC Accomodates Staff

The environmental Management Advisory Committee has announced a change in this evenings meeting times.  the meeting has been moved to 5:30 pm in order to allow interested parties to go to the 6:30 showing of the movie “Revenge of the Electric Car at City Lights Cinemas.”  The committee is expected to discuss a possible plastic bag regulation and will host Bri Goodwin, Oregon Field Manager, from the Surfrider Foundation.  Central Lincoln PUD is the sponsor of today’s movie which documents the rise of the electric vehicle and the many challenges it has faced and still faces.  Chris Chandler with Central Lincoln PUD says there will be a question and answer period after each of the 2 showings today.  The first showing will be at 1:30 and the second will be at 6:30 pm.

ODOT Law Change

The Oregon Department of Transportation has announced a new law that will go into effect on July 1st.  The law applies to the transfer of a vehicle’s tags when selling a vehicle.
Under House Bill 4062, passed by the 2018 Legislature, you will still be able to transfer plates with unexpired registration tags to another vehicle that you own. However, in a plate transfer between vehicles with different owners, both vehicles will begin new registration periods and both vehicles are subject to all registration requirements.  DMV Administrator Tom McClellan says some people were using plate transfers as a way to avoid making vehicle repairs to pass DEQ emissions testing and some people were stealing license plates and selling them online to unsuspecting buyers. This law change is intended to prevent those abuses.