Coast Guard Chief Settles In; Lane County Seeking Volunteers; Firework Safety

Coast Guard Chief Settles In

Senior Chief Jay Nilles says that he is settling in to the U.S. Coast guard station Siuslaw River and is getting to know the citizens as he begins his command here in Florence.  Nilles is aware of the influence the Coast Guard has on Florence as a Coast Guard City and enjoys the fact that as a unit they are deeply involved in the community, but he says that doesn’t change the mission.

“Our main focus, our number one mission is people’s safety on the water.”

Nilles says the bar at the entrance to the Siuslaw river is extremely precarious and can be very difficult for boaters.  The reason being Nilles says is the shallowness of the water.  Low tide can be very dangerous and according to murphey’s law if something is going to go bad on the ocean, it is going to be there.

“We want everybody to go to the ocean, catch lots of fish and have a great time, but we have to ensure that they make it home safely to see their family and friends.”

Senior Chief Nilles says that the Coast Guard is always available to answer question for mariners that want to go out on the ocean and that education is tantamount to safe boating.  Jay Nilles will be our guest on the July edition of Our town.

Lane County Seeking Volunteers

The Lane County Board of Commissioners is seeking applications from citizens interested in serving on the Public Health Advisory Committee.  There are currently two vacancies on the committee and the board is seeking one member of the community that is licensed in health care and one at large community member that is informed on and interested in public health matters.  Both position are full 4 year term positions and would expire in August of 2022.  Intereste applicants have until August 15th to apply.  Applications can be downloaded at

Firework Safety

Fireworks can be fun but with winds and dry conditions they can also be very dangerous and sometimes deadly. The Siuslaw valley Fire and Rescue reminds citizens that children should never be allowed to handle fireworks and that an adult should be responsible for lighting them.  There are also approved items that can be purchased and used but that the list of banned items is much greater. Of the banned items included are Roman Candles, firecrackers and mortar rounds.  Sparklers are permitted but parents are reminded that these can come close to 2000 degrees.  Always use  items in an area that is free from dry brush and grass and have a bucket of water available for dousing spent fireworks.