Recycling Confusion at Transfer Station; R.A.I.N. Brings Entrepreneurs Together; School Bond Education Available

Recycling Confusion at Transfer Station

Some confusion has arisen regarding recycling products in Florence.  A recent city mandate to the two refuse companies that provide service to Florence residents says that the companies must now collect plastic beverage containers including translucent milk jugs.  This, however, does not include the Lane County Transfer Station.  Residents have recently been attempting to drop off recycling materials that are not currently accepted by Lane County.  This is only for residents who currently have service through Central Coast Disposal and County Transfer and Recycling and only applies to beverage containers that are cleaned and have the cap removed.  New Chinese regulations on accepting recycling products have severely limited the amount and types of products that they will allow.  Companies are actively working to find new avenues for recycling products but for now are limited to what can be processed.

R.A.I.N. Brings Entrepreneurs Together

This weekend at the Florence event center there will be an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to develop business ideas with other likeminded individuals. The Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network is putting on a startup workshop on Friday and Saturday.  According to RAIN communications director Matt Hollander it will be an opportunity to possibly turn a new idea into a business model.

201:  “We’ll bring together entrepreneurs and start up enthusiasts of all ages, skills and experience levels to share ideas, form teams, and learn what it really takes to form a start up venture.”

Friday evening will begin with a dinner and a pitch fest where individuals with ideas can bring together people that share an interest in their idea and form a team that will help develop that idea.  Hollander says that Saturday teams will spend the day creating a business model and then have the opportunity to present that model with the entire audience.  The goal for the event is to learn core processes in business development and business prototyping. Tickets are available online for the event at go dot startupweekend dot org and KCST listeners can use the promo code backslash radio for a free ticket.

School Bond Education Available

The Siuslaw School Board will be having a Bond Advisory Committee meeting this Thursday at Siuslaw High School.  The meeting will begin at 5:30 pm.  The committee will be discussing communication information and public outreach information on the bond and the public is invited.  The Bond that will be on the ballot is detailed and complex and the school board is hoping to get out as much information to the public so that voters can make an educated choice this November.  These meetings will continue through the summer on Thursdays.