New Food Share Director Settles In; Bond Advisory Committee Continues Community Education; Air Academy Takes Second Flight; Gas Holds Steady

New Food Share Director Settles In

Florence Food Share welcomed their new Executive Director at the beginning of the month.  David Montes has been living in Florence with his family for about a year when he said he saw a Facebook post announcing the need for community leadership

.  Montes, a longtime social worker said he knew that the job fit his skills and applied.

“I thought that was interesting and not knowing what it was, I knew it was a food pantry, I clicked on it and read the position, but then I went to the website and that’s where I really started to get an idea of what food share does and the impact it has in the community and that’s when I really became interested in the position.”

Montes says that in addition to many of the successful events that the food share has used to create success and awareness within the community he is looking forward to bringing more events that will keep Florence Food Share at the top of people’s minds when they consider volunteering and contributing.  He will be a guest on the August edition of our town.

Bond Advisory Committee Continues Community Education

The School bond advisory committee continues its weekly meetings tomorrow evening at Siuslaw High School Library.  The meetings are intended to educate the public on the need for a new school and how the proposed bond money will be spent.  The meeting begins at 5:30 tomorrow evening.

Air Academy Takes Second Flight

The Boys and Girls club are repeating their successful Air Academy.  Young people from the 6th through 12th grade who are interested in flight and the careers in aviation are encouraged to apply.  The course will begin on july 30th and go through August 10th.  Participants will learn about drones, remote controlled airplanes, aerodynamics, and get some one on one instruction in an actual airplane.  Classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8-3.  Lunch is provided.  The course is free for Club members and is $75 for non Club members.

Gas Holds Steady

Gas prices remained flat this week as strong demand continues.  AAA Oregon’s, Marie Dodds says even though July prices historically dip, this year the high price of crude has held prices steady.  The Oregon average for gas is at $3.27 a gallon while the Florence Average is $3.07 a gallon.