Ems Errors Costly; Vikings Take the Field for Practice

Ems Errors Costly

The Eugene Emeralds were locked in a one one tie against the Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes until the top of the 8th inning when the Volcanoes offense exploded.  A series of hits and two throwing errors allowed for the Volcanoes to score 5 runs in the inning.  The Ems only managed to score one more run in the bottom of the 9th on a wild pitch from Volcano pitcher Matt Frisbee.  The game ended when Frisbee caught outfielder Fernando Kelli looking at a strike.  Final score 6-2 Salem.  The series continues this evening at PK Park at 7:05

Vikings Take the Field for Practice

The Siuslaw Vikings football team is on the field this week with new head coach Chad Smith.  As they prepare for the 2018 season. The Vikings will face the new season against new opponents as they move to a special district2 – 3A league, although their first home game will be a familiar opponent as they host Elmira on August 31st.