Boats on the Port of Siuslaw

Investment Group Considering Brewpub; Fire Displaces Family; WLAD Purchases Ambulance; OPRD Seeks Input

Investment Group Considering Brewpub

The principles of Boathouse Brewing Company went before the Florence Urban Renewal Agency yesterday to request a grant for predevelopment costs as they look towards the possibility of opening a brewpub.  Jon Thompson, corporation president, says the group of investors he represents is looking at the possibility of 2 sites.  One near the boardwalk at a site that was identified on the FURA Investment strategy map and the Blue building that sits on Harbor Street by the boat dock.  Thompson was quick to say that this is currently an exploratory stage.

“We have not determined we are going to do this.  But we have formed a corporation and we have our own funding on top of the grant we received from FURA today.”

Thompson says it is possible that they may consider one site or possibly using both locations, or not move forward at all. But says there are a lot of unknowns to be considered.

“Parking, odor, noise, view-sheds.  These are all issues that we are looking to address.”

Thompson says the corporation currently consists of himself, Rick Yecny and Bob Sera, with more interested parties as the project moves through development stages.

Fire Displaces Family

The Monday evening house fire at 88336 highway 101 and Friendly acres displaced a family of 8.  The fire began about 9:15 pm and there were no injuries as a result of the fire according to Siuslaw Valley Fire and rescue.  The fire began in an upstairs sleeping quarters and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

WLAD Purchases Ambulance

The WLAD Board of Directors will hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday, August 8, at noon at Station 1 located at 2625 Highway 101. The purpose of this meeting is to approve a resolution to transfer funds from the Capital Equipment Reserve account to the General Fund checking account in order to pay for a new ambulance.

OPRD Seeks Input

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) is seeking public comment on proposed rules that would allow the agency to implement flexible rates for state park campsites. The proposed rule would allow OPRD to vary campsite rates within a set range.  Under the rule, OPRD could charge a slightly higher rate at high-demand campgrounds and a lower rate at less popular campgrounds.  Under the proposed rule change, OPRD would be able to adjust campsite rates for each park individually. Specific rates for each park or campsite would be posted on the state parks website and in the parks. Once a visitor makes a campsite reservation, their rate would not increase.  Comments can be submitted at