Air Quality Suffers in Florence; Port to Spruce Up Mo’s Property; School Website Provides More Information; Be Ready Expo

Air Quality Suffers in Florence

The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency has issued an air quality alert that includes all of Lane County.  Conditions have degraded due to the lack of significant coastal winds and are expected to continue that way through the evening on Wednesday.  LRAPA has extended the alert until 6 a.m. on Thursday.  People who are sensitive to smoke are encourage to use caution when participating in outdoor activities or wait until conditions improve.  Individuals who have lung conditions such as asthma or those who are very young or very old are encouraged to stay indoors with windows and doors closed.  Pollutants in smoke can cause burning eyes, runny nose, aggravate heart and lung diseases, and aggravate other serious health problems. Limit outdoor activities and keep children indoors if it is smoky. Please follow medical advice if you have a heart or lung condition.  More information and updates can be found at LRAPA.Org.

Port to Spruce Up Mo’s Property

The Port Of Siuslaw has put out a pair of requests for informal proposals to upgrade signboards and repaint the building occupied by Mo’s Restaurant at 1436 Bay Street.  Specifics on the bid work can be found at the port of Siuslaw website.  The Port has asked that bids be received no later than August 24th and the work to be completed this fall.  Proposals may be submitted via mail, email, fax, or in person at the Port Office 100 Harbor Street.

School Website Provides More Information

The Siuslaw school district has unveiled a new website for students and parents the website has a new look as well as new features that  people can access through android or Apple products.  On the site parents can access the current list of school supplies for each level of education as well as keep up to date on events and special calendar alerts and even the daily lunch schedule.  The website is Siuslaw dot k12 dot or dot us.  Orientation day for students in grades 6 and 9 is September 4th and first day of school for all students, except Kindergarten is September 5th.  Kindergarten begins on September 10th.

Be Ready Expo

This Saturday the Siuslaw News and Western Lane Emergency Operations Group will host its annual “Be Ready Expo”.  The free event will include speakers and demonstrations on what to do in case of an extreme weather event of a natural disaster.  There is a potential for an event that could cause severe damage to bridges and the tunnel that feeds Florence from Eugene.  The “Be Ready Expo” will provide information on what to do, what to have available in the way of supplies, and where to go in case of such an event.  The Expo is from 10 to 3 on Saturday.