Fire Financials False Alarm; Committee Formed to Seek New Chief; Missing Man; Military Museum New Display

Fire Financials False Alarm

A joint meeting of the SVFR and WLAD boards last night resulted in clarification of what was thought to be a large deficit in the district’s budget.  Independent CPA Cathy Taylor laid out the detail of discrepancy explaining that not all of the receivables and expenditures had not yet been calculated into the accounting software.  Monies that are owed to Siuslaw Valley Fire and rescue from grants and conflagrations that the district participated in were not clearly noted.  In the end, Taylor noted, the balance sheets would be fairly close.  Ned Hickson as a member of the SVFR board of directors was quick to note that they did not believe that there was any hint of impropriety with the books.  SVFR board President Ron Green was encouraged by the reports.

“We’ve gone through quite a process to audit the books and the fund balance.  We didn’t have the information and so honestly the budget was represented based on erroneous data and it’s been clarified and it is nice to see the fund balance is actually greater than we originally thought.”

The boards also agreed in principle that while a budget has to be created for two entities it would be a good idea to have Taylor’s help through that process, though no official motion was made.

Committee Formed to Seek New Chief

In addition to the financial aspect of the SVFR/WLAD meetings the boards addressed the need for finding an interim chief/director for SVFR and the Intergonvernmental Agreement.  A committee made up of Ron Green and Ned Hickson from the SVFR Board and Rick Yecny and Larry Farnsworth from the WLAD board have contacted the Special District Association of Oregon which has a wealth of knowledge in recommending interim directors for special district operations.  The committee recommended an interim position and a thorough vetting of any potential permanent candidates for the position that will be vacated by Current Chief/Director Jim Langborg.  Green stated that it was important to not make a mistake that could negatively effect the district and the community.  At the end of the meeting WLAD’s Al Krietz was thanked for his service as he left for his last shift with the Ambulance District.  Krietz is taking a 2 month leave of absence followed by retirement.  Krietz has spent 29 years serving the community.

Missing Man

The Lane County sheriff’s office is looking for a mapleton man that is reportedly missing.  Friends and relatives of 28 year old Falcon Filcher notified Officers that he had not been in contact with them for several days and they were concerned as it was out of character for him not to.  Filcher is 5 feet nine inches tall, approximately 135 pounds with light brown hair and blue eyes.  He is known to frequent the Swisshome/Deadwood area and would likely be on foot.  If you have information about his whereabouts you can contact the Lane County Sheriff’s Department.

Military Museum New Display

The Oregon Coast Military Museum  is currently displaying the Oregon Department of Veteran Affairs traveling display entitled “I Am Not Invisible” it will be there through September 16th.  It showcases twenty Oregon women Veterans from around the state, spanning eras from WWII Navy nurse Jean Wojnowski, who is currently 102 years old, to recent Vets from current conflicts.  You can view these displays at the Oregon Coast Military Museum located at 2145 Kingwood Street in Florence, and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, from noon until 4:00 p.m.