FEMA Updates Flood; plain MapFood Back; Pack For Kids; IGA Review

FEMA Updates Floodplain Map

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued a preliminary floodplain map which indicates possible flooding areas with a one percent chance of flooding in any given year.  If this map is adopted it will be used to determine flood insurance rates and be integral in land use and development.  The city of Florence and the state of Oregon have been working with FEMA to identify issues throughout the Siuslaw River Basin and how it could possibly affect the City.  Florence will co-host an Open House on September 18th to present information about the new map and FEMA’s findings.  It will be at the Florence Event Center from 4-6:30 pm.  The City suggests that you contact the city’s Community Development Department located at the Public Works building prior to the meeting to receive a printed copy of your property.

View the Updated Flood Maps Here.

Food BackPack For Kids

The Food Backpack for Kids Program enters it seventh year this year of supplying school age children with much needed nourishment over the weekend.  The program is an  outreach of Crossroad assembly and coordinates volunteers and vendors in order to provide food to almost a hundred children in the area.  Pastor Dale Edwards says this is a work of the heart and not part of the ecumenical arm of the church.  Edwards says a child’s hunger is something that most people don’t think about, because of the limited exposure many of us have to these children.

“I guess in the back of my mind I knew that there was probably this type of hunger, but it is an invisible thing to the community.”

Over 40 volunteers, weekly, work to get the food ready for children to take.  Edwards says it is important to know that these children remain anonymous and the schools distribute the foods privately on Friday afternoon.   He also acknowledges that school officials have noticed a big difference with the children that have available nourishment over the weekend and it has gone a long way to improve their abilities to learn.  Pastor Edwards and Marilyn Barba are guests on this month’s Our Town.

IGA Review

The Intergovernmental Agreement between the Fire and Ambulance district is getting some review as both SVFR and WLAD begin to look for a replacement for exiting Chief Director Jim Langborg.  The initial reason for the IGA was to try and consolidate administrative duties for both entities so that resources could be allocated to the services that they provide.  The IGA is still, generally, in its infancy and both board of directors are looking at the value that it has brought and evaluating what steps or changes need to take place, if any.  WLAD Board President Rick Yecny and SVFR Board President Ron Green say they are committed to working through some of the challenges to determine the impact that it has had on both entities.  A joint committee with members of both boards is working to establish a definitive job description for the next Chief Director.  Ron Green says the position is more than that of an administrator, but also the liaison to the public and that will be a consideration when choosing the next individual.  Both Yecny and Green talk in detail about some of the challenges on the September Our Town.