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Breaches Cause for Caution?

A new survey reveals Oregonians are unwittingly exposing themselves to internet fraud – but the keys to protecting their identities might also be online. The A-A-R-P Oregon report finds more than half of people said they use the same password for more than one online account and, while more than 40 percent report seeing fraudulent charges on their banking accounts, only 13 percent have ordered a freeze on their credit. Carmel Snyder with A-A-R-P Oregon says fewer than half of survey respondents said they do their banking online. She hears from people who believe not creating online accounts is safer – but says they should think again.

“Setting up digital access to your accounts will actually help you better monitor and fight back against fraud. That’s because scammers can easily use your personal data to open up accounts in your name.”

 With a deluge of data breaches of Equifax, Target and Home Depot, Snyder says she understands why people might feel like protecting themselves online is a losing battle. However, she stresses the need to be proactive with digital privacy.

Richardson Seeks Feedback

The Oregon Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson, is asking citizens to give input on laws that are being drafted for the 2019 legislative session.  Richardson says his mission is to increase transparency, accountability and integrity in the areas that he oversees.  The four areas that he is focused on are Elections, Audits, Corporations, and Archives of public records.  Richardson says most of the drafts that they are working on have yet to be seen by legislators, so citizens will have the first look.  For detailed information on the draft laws that are being addressed you can find the complete details on the Coast Radio Website.


Tomorrow is a day of remembrance for our veterans who never returned home.  The 21st of September is POW/MIA day and the local Elks Lodge 1858 is hosting a ceremony at 11 am to commemorate the brave Americans who are still unaccounted for.  The ceremony will be held at the lodge on 12th street in Florence.  All are welcome to attend.

Festival of Books

The Florence festival of Books returns to the Florence Event Center on Friday September 28th.  the event will feature keynote speaker Amy Stewart on Friday evening at 7pm.  Advance tickets are $8.  Then on Saturday from 10am til 4pm more than 70 authors and publishers will be on hand to talk about writing and publishing and to sign books.  The Saturday event is free.