March To Initiate Domestic Violence Awareness Month; Runaway Update; Sanctuary Up To the Voters

March To Initiate Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October first marks the beginning of domestic violence awareness month.  Domestic violence is a big issue in Florence according to Florence police chief Tom Turner.  He says they get frequent calls in the community.

“In every 24 hour period it’s probably, at least one call every 24 hour period.”

Turner says the most difficult part about police calls are that they are usually after a severe escalation of a problem.

“Very frequently, only once it gets to absolutely catastrophic levels, completely out of hands levels, that’s when they call 911 that’s when they call police.”

Domestic violence awareness month is recognized first by a show of support and a march down Bay Street.  Supporters will gather at the Veterans Memorial Park on Bay Street at 12:45 on Sunday.  The walk will begin at 1pm.

Runaway Update

There is an update to the story of a pair of runaways.  Originally it was believed that there were three people that had runaway, but now it has been determined that only two,  A 16 year old girl and her 12 year old step sister.  Coos County Sheriff Deputy Captain Andrews told coast radio news that there have been no additional sightings reported in the case and that this is the second time that the 16 year old has run away.  The first time was in May when the teen ended up in Utah, crashing the vehicle she was in.  She was taken into custody at that time and eventually returned to her home.  The 12 year old traveling with her has ties to Florence where her father and aunt live.  Coos County Sheriff’s office asks that you contact them with any information you have concerning the pair.  They were, according to social media, seen gassing up their vehicle in Winston, Or

Sanctuary Up To the Voters

In the November election there is a big push to repeal the status of Oregon as a sanctuary state.  16 county sheriff’s have announced support for the measure which would get rid of the 31 year old statute that prohibits use of state and local resources to enforce federal immigration policies.  Lane County Sheriff, Byron Trapp has not put his support for the measure.  Sgt. Carrie Carver said the Sheriff believes that this issue is for the voters to decide and that the sheriff’s department will be supportive of their decision.  stating that the ballot measure does not impact how the Sheriff’s office does business.  Voters will decide November 6th.