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Florence Woman Pleads Guilty; The Polarizing 105; Last Day to Mail Ballots; Cougar Sighting; Traveling Memorial

Florence Woman Pleads Guilty

The Register Guard is reporting that a Florence woman has pleaded guilty in Lane County Circuit Court in the drowning of her infant son.  Angela Louise Davis admitted to falling asleep on the couch while her son, 8 month old Brently Pinnock was left in the bathtub.  She was charged with criminally negligent homicide and faces up to 18 months in prison.  Her attorney plans to ask for probation at her sentencing hearing on December 7th.

The Polarizing 105

Another hot button issue for voters next Tuesday is measure 105.  If the measure passes it will mean a repeal of the 31 year old Oregon sanctuary law that proponents of the measure say is long overdue.  Jim Ludwig with Oregonians for Immigration Reform says what the law was originally intended to combat is not what it has morphed into today.

“it was designed to prevent state or local police from actively working to round up illegal aliens, what it has morphed into, however, is a bill, or state statue that prevents state or local police from working with immigration and customs.”

As a result, Ludwig says criminals are being returned back into the streets to commit crimes when they should be returned to their country of origin.  Opponents of the measure say that repealing the Sanctuary status for Oregon will create a return to racial profiling.  Peter Zuckerman is the communications director of Oregon United

202: “I don’t want to see Oregon become a show me your papers state.  In Oregon I think we believe in fairness, looking out for your neighbors and building bridges of understanding with those who might seem different.”

Zuckerman says good policing is about building trust and that will not happen if people are afraid to go to the police.  He says that erasing a law that prohibits racial profiling will also erode that trust.  The ultimate decision on 105 will come down to the voters who have until Tuesday to decide where they stand on the issue.

Last Day to Mail Ballots

Today is the last day for voters to mail back their ballots according to Lane County Clerk Cheryl Betschart.  If voters cannot get them in the mail today she suggests that they plan on dropping them off at one of the official ballot drop sights.  In Florence that would be located at the Justice Center on 9th street.  You have until 8 pm on Tuesday if you decide to use the dropoff.  The clerk’s office say they have seen a significant increase in Lane County voter registration this year and the U.S. Postal Service will need more time to process and deliver ballots.  Betschart also reminds voters to make sure they sign the ballot return identification envelope that lists the voter’s printed name and address.  And sign the ballot envelope in the same manner as your most current voter registration card.

Cougar Sighting

Yesterday afternoon Dunes city reported a cougar sighting on Parkway Drive near hilltop drive on the lakeside at Siltcoos.  They are asking residents to be aware and protect children and small animals.  Especially with today being Halloween and the possible increase of children that will be on the streets.

Traveling Memorial

A traveling memorial honoring Oregonians who died during the Vietnam War will be on exhibit Nov. 2-4 on the north boardwalk at The Mill Casino Hotel.  The memorial will be open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Patterned after the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., the Oregon Vietnam Veterans Traveling Wall contains the names of service men and women from Oregon who died while serving in Southeast Asia. Two side panels also honor Oregonians who died while serving in Operations Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.  The display is sponsored by Umpqua Valley Chapter 805 of the Vietnam Veterans of America.