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Richardson Warns of Election Misinformation; Studded Tires Cause Road Damage; Cape Perpetua Education Talks; Crude Prices Take a Hit; PTA Fundraiser

Richardson Warns of Election Misinformation

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has posted a notice that misinformation about Tuesday’s election has been circulating.  According to Richardson, non-official entities are calling voters and telling them that they are not registered to vote or that their voter registration is inactive.  They are also telling people that our election system is easily hackable.  A statement that Richardson says is also false.  Richardson says some entities are merely giving out old and outdated information while other groups are intentionally trying to get voters to not vote in Tuesday’s election.  Richardson says his office as well as the 36 official county election offices are open for questions and that you can also visit Oregonvotes.gov to check your voter record, track you ballot, find an official drop off box or access the voters pamphlet.

Studded Tires Cause Road Damage

It is not the official beginning of winter, but the Oregon Department of Transportation says today is the opening day of studded tire season.  And they recommend that you do not use them.  ODOT says that studded tires cause 8.4 million dollars a year in damage to Oregon roads and encourage drivers to think about using chains or other types of traction tires in bad weather.  Traction tires are marked with three mountain peaks and a snowflake on the sidewall and according to ODOT work as well as studded tires but do not cause damage to the roadways.  For weather and road conditions when traveling motorists can call 511 or visit tripcheck.com.

Cape Perpetua Education Talks

This Saturday the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center will begin its fall education series.  At 1pm the center will be speaking about the Marbled Murrelet and the impact that urban growth, weather, ocean conditions and prey are having on its population.  The Oregon Coast at the Siuslaw river has one of the highest densities for the Murrelet in the country.  The series is offered by the Forest Service and is free of charge.

Crude Prices Take a Hit

Crude prices are coming off the worse month in two years according to analysts, despite that the price of gasoline is not making any quick movements downward.  Traditionally October is the month when prices begin to dip, but in Florence they continue to remain static.  The price of a regular gallon of gasoline is $3.11 with the state average sitting at $3.36.  AAA Oregon spokesperson Marie Dodds says you can expect prices to go higher as we near the mid-term election and sanctions against Iran

PTA Fundraiser

Florence Community PTA will hold a fundraising rummage sale this Saturday, November 3rd at Siuslaw Middle School. The event will run from 10 am – 3 pm on Saturday.  Proceeds from the event will go to support the program of FCPTA, who acts as the PTA organization for the elementary, middle and high school. Programs of the organization include things like teacher grants, a family diner night during the annual elementary book fair, teacher appreciation week events and student scholarships for graduating seniors.
Anyone who wishes to donate goods for sale at the rummage sale can drop them off at 5-7pm on Friday November 2nd at the Siuslaw Middle School gym.