Election Day; Burned Out Lights; Bridge Work Continues

Election Day

If you haven’t filled out your ballot yet, the time is drawing near.  Early voting is now in its final stages and with election day tomorrow your chance to have your voice heard will be quickly over.  If you have filled out your ballot it can be dropped at the Justice center on 9th street.  One of the measures on the ballot that could potentially have the most impact on residents is the school bond.  Siuslaw school district is looking for 108 million dollars to fund a new high school and to upgrade the elementary and middle schools.  Property owners in Florence would see an increase in their tax bill of $2.72 per $1000 of assessed value.  The bond would be assessed over a 31 year period.  Opponents of the bond question the need for new buildings citing student population and the general condition of the existing structures, but opponents say seismic upgrades, and retrofitting current buildings will not do enough to prepare for the next several decades and with costs only rising, it will become even more expensive to wait.

Burned Out Lights

The City of Florence is asking for help in spotting burned out street lights.  Now that Daylight Saving time is over and the evenings are getting darker earlier the necessity for properly operating lights is essential.  Central Lincoln PUD is responsible for most of the streetlights through town and to report a burned out light you can go online to clpud.org.  Holiday and decorative lighting is maintained by the city of Florence Public Works department.

Bridge Work Continues

Work continues on the Siuslaw River Bridge this week with crews working on the sidewalk improvements on the north side of the bridge and finishing up the bridge rail curb work.  Weather permitting they will also be installing new expansion joints.  Slight delays may be possible throughout the day.  Two other bridges along highway 101 will be undergoing upgrades also.  The Cape Creek Bridge north of Florence and the Cape Perpetua Half Viaduct will be treated to a new cathodic protection system along with other bridge repairs.  Crews are beginning staging for the Cape Creek Bridge and building scaffolding under the bridge.  Work will be daylight work between the hours of 7am and 3pm.