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Plenty of Land for Use; Officer Receives Lifesaving Award; Final Moments for Election Day

Plenty of Land for Use

The Florence City Council unanimously voted to approve an ordinance amending the Comprehensive Plan to adopt the buildable lands inventory and housing needs and Economic opportunities analysis.  Planning director Wendy Farley Campbell laid out the analysis showing that within the city and the Urban Growth Boundary of the city there was enough buildable land to cover the needs for the next several decades.

“Florence has almost 1200 vacant acres or redeveloped acres that are available, this is both in the city and the urban growth boundary.”

Part of the city’s plan was to update and increase its urban growth boundary, but due to the significant amount of inventory available the state would not allow that.  The analysis also looked at the types of housing that Florence needs to move forward.  One of the most urgent needs is workforce housing.

“If we had 143 units available that just got overnight constructed they could be occupied tomorrow

Campbell says recent increased interest in building and request for code changes signifies a move toward increasing the available housing in Florence

Officer Receives Lifesaving Award

Florence Police Officer Brandon Bailey was honored with a life saving medal last night by Chief Tom Turner.  Officer Bailey responded to a Florence residence on October 9th and came upon the scene of what he perceived to be an overdose involving a 53 year old male.  Evidence at the scene showed that the person may have overdosed on heroin or another dangerous opiod.  Bailey’s quick reaction in administering Narcan, a drug that reduces the effect of an overdose saved the man’s life.

“I want to congratulate Officer Bailey for his quick thinking, he had fantastic action in this particular case.”

Florence Police has recently outfitted patrol cars with Narcan.  In the last two months there have been over 38 overdose cases in Lane county in which Narcan was used to counter the effect of opiods.

Final Moments for Election Day

Voters are putting their final ballots together today as the City makes way for two new positions on the City Council along with several measures that will affect Lane county and the state including a bond measure for new schools and the status of Oregon as a sanctuary state.  Ballot envelopes must be signed properly and delivered to the drop off box located at the justice center no later than 8pm this evening.  Election results will begin to be tabulated as early as 8.  The register guard reported this morning that the run for Governor is close but polling shows that Brown has a slight lead.  Both candidates spent part of the day in Eugene yesterday as the campaigns wind down.