Election Results:; Bond for Schools Fails; Oregon to Stay Sanctuary State; STAR Proposal fails; Measure 106:; Siuslaw Celebrates American Education Week

Election Results:

Governor Kate Brown will be returning to Salem for another term as last night’s results have revealed that Knute Buehler did not have enough support to bring about a change in the state.  Additionally Peter DeFazio and Caddy McKeown will also continue to serve.  Locally in Florence the city council race was tight.  Woody Woodbury will continue to serve on the council with almost 3000 of the nearly 7000 votes cast.  The seat that Suzy Lacer is vacating has been won by Geraldine Lucio after a hard fought race garnering 2048 votes Maureen Miltenberger received 1840 votes making it a close race for the second available seat.  Mayor Joe Henry was unopposed.

Complete Lane County Election Results.

Bond for Schools Fails

There will not be a bond for new schools this time around.  Measure 20-291 was voted down 4924 to 3611.  The 108 million dollar package for a new high school and upgrades to existing structures was not something voters were ready to support.  The bond would have added an additional $1.82 per thousand dollars of assessed value to Florence properties.



A correction from this morning.  Dunes City voted to prohibit the sale of marijuana, processing, and production.  measure 20-293  passed 566 – 331 which will eliminate Dunes City from receiving a portion of the Marijuana tax revenue that the state collects.

Oregon to Stay Sanctuary State

Measure 105 also failed to get enough voters to approve it.  The measure would have removed the Sanctuary status for the state and allowed a more active role for local police and sheriffs to assist immigration officials. 118377 voted against the change with 54831 voting for it.

STAR Proposal fails

Proponents of a new system for determining how primaries are calculated and elected officials are chosen failed to get enough support.  Measure 20-290 would have changed the current system to one that would have given voters more than one choice.  The STAR system would have allowed voters to rate several candidates on a ballot and would also eliminate costly runoff elections.

Measure 106:

Measure 106 that would have prohibited the use of state funds for abortions was also defeated by a more than 2-1 margin.  The State has been a strong proponent of abortion rights.  According to an Oregon Public Broadcasting report the campaign to defeat the measure was well funded by Planned Parenthood affiliates from around the country.

Siuslaw Celebrates American Education Week

Next Tuesday, to celebrate American Education Week, the Siuslaw School District along with the School Board will be handing out goodie bags and cards made by students to all staff in honor and appreciation of the work they do every day for students.  American Education Week is celebrated November 12th through the 16th.